Saturday, April 20, 2013

Well, I'm Signed Up...

I am all signed up for The Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon on Sunday, May 5th at 8:45am.  I have been training like I am going to run it.  After my ten mile race, I decided I might as well just bite the bullet and run a half.  I was close enough.  And I have an amazing running partner.  But due to very exciting circumstances, she will be unable to run this race with me, so I've been avoiding signing up for it because I am scared I can't run a race without her.  I haven't ran a race alone before.  But then I realized that race day will come, I will have trained but not ran and I will see pictures and I will be sad that I didn't run.  So, my mom is going to get up with me and drive me down and be my cheerleader.  She's a photographer, so being in the beautiful area will be fun for her anyway.

I'm excited to participate in this race because not many people can say they have the Redwoods to run a race in.  This is literally in the heart of the big trees.  I take them for granted since I've grown up with them quite literally in my backyard.  Seriously, I will take a picture of my backyard at my dad's house to prove it.  Two Spaniards came to visit my step sister after she came back from living there for a year and they visited lots of places, including the Grand Canyon.  They said that the Redwoods were more impressive than that!  I almost wish I could experience them for the first time, but I'm glad this place is my home.

Yesterday, as usual, I hit the gym after work and ran a very quick two miles on the treadmill before beginning leg day.  I love and hate leg day.  I LOVE squats.  They're my favorite exercise by far.  I may or may not have done 100 air squats in the bathroom at work while waiting for a child to finish using the facilities.  But weighted squats make me feel incredibly strong.  I did front squats and back squats.  Then I did my least favorite exercise of lunges.  And split squats.  My legs were shaking from my workout, just how I like it.  I needed to do 5 miles to get up to 22 like last week, but my heart (and legs) were not into running again afterward, so I hit up the store and then head home to see the boyfriend who had finally gotten off work.

Leg press for the last of my exercises.  Burns so good.

My very typical shopping cart.

I got home, ate my usual snack of grapes, strawberries, carrots, and a hard boiled egg.  I had gotten a package.  I knew it was from my soulmate because she always addresses it to "Oceana" which is what my mom told her she was going to name me before my parents decided on Rachel.  My soulmate thought this was hilarious and it has stuck ever since.  It's only been 15 years....  I opened it and it was a garlic peeler.  I think this is the best gift anyone could ever receive.  We used one at her house last weekend and I am pretty sure it uses magic.  Then I read the note and realized it was not for me, but for my boyfriend who had built her planter boxes.  Then I got sad.

Before I realized it wasn't for me.

We got ready to go and headed south to help boy's mom out with a party that was being thrown.  It was opening night of Hello Dolly at the theater I volunteer at, so we watched that as well.  I always get a little homesick when I walk through the doors and I am not a part of the show.  It's really weird to just sit back and relax and watch a show I am not involved with at this theater.  This theater saved me from some of my darkest days and helped teach me who I am as a person.  Most of the people in my life I met through this theater and I am thankful every day for it.  Boy and I even met through the theater.  We stayed at the opening party afterward and hung out with the people we know who are in the show. We didn't get home until 12:30, where I promptly fell asleep.

This morning I lazed around.  I thought about getting up and going for a run, but my legs were sore and I am planning on doing a long run tomorrow.  Now I have to since I am running a half marathon in 2 weeks!  By.  My.  Self.  

That's my scared face.

One of my very best friends from high school is in town visiting so she came over along with my other very best friend and we chatted and laughed and had a good time.  Now I am thinking about doing a short 5k outside in the cold wind.  I am also going to spend the afternoon with this guy because he has to go back to work tomorrow as he traded shifts.


  1. Congrats on signing up for your half!
    I clicked the link and the run looks amazing! I may have to add this to a list of what races I want to run :)

    I'll virtually be cheering you on!!
    You can do it!!!!!

  2. Thank you! You should definitely sign up for it some day! The Redwoods are absolutely stunning. They do it twice a year, so plenty of time to plan! I'm so glad I have the internet running community. You make me WANT to run.