Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another Hot Day

And by hot, I mean it was 70.  On the beach at work.  I think the world might be ending.  It's April and it's getting hotter than it does in the summer.  Our summers here on the coast are grey, grey, grey.  And never really go over 52.  We have to drive at least 45 miles east or south to get sunlight.  I am loving this weather.  I actually took OFF my jacket at work and was just wearing a t-shirt.  I think that is the first time in my history at that school.

When I got off work, of course I went to the gym to pump out my chest routine.  I got to the locker room and realized I had made a rookie mistake.  I forgot my sports bra!  I was upset for approximately 2 seconds before I decided just to wear my regular bra, which was interesting to run in, but didn't really make any difference while lifting.

Such a noob.

After the gym, I immediately made my way over to my adorable friend's house where I sat for over two hours on her really comfortable couch just chatting and laughing.  I love her so much.  She made me coffee and we had on the Annie DVD in the background.  She was the director and I was her stage manager for this play back in December, so we got really close during that (even closer than we did in Evita).  She an amazing human being and we are always cracking each other up.  We made plans to hang out Friday night.  I've been acting like a 25-year-old every weekend lately instead of a 93-year-old.  I feels nice to be social and not cooped up in my room on a Friday like I usually am because I'm so tired from the week.

My view for 2+ hours, her making me coffe, and Annie.

This is us almost exactly a year ago during a cast party for Evita.  We found some fun costumes.

This is us in December during a pick up rehearsal for Annie.  We found some fun wigs.  I heard life is more fun as a blonde.

Then I came home, hopped in the shower, and had a delicious dinner of steak, salad, and roasted broccoli.  If you've noticed from the 900 pictures I enjoy posting of my food, you will notice that about 90% of what I eat is vegetables.  I am extremely obsessed with vegetables.  I seriously cannot think of one I don't like.  There are a few fruits that I can't stand (pineapple and cantaloupe make me gag) but when I go down a list of vegetables, I can't name one I don't want to eat.  I feel very lucky about this.  I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I grew up with vegetables that were cooked well and vegetables have always been a part of my life.  Of course, I did go through a phase where I mostly ate poptarts, cup-o-noodle, and mac and cheese, but I've always eaten my veggies.

Such a beautiful plate.

I also had dessert, of course.

Now I'm, as usual, in bed.  Boyfriend was supposed to get off work at 7 tonight, but it is now 7:51 and he is nowhere to be found.  He hasn't texted back which makes me think he's on a call that happened a little late.  Obviously EMTs can't just get off work at the hour that they are supposed to if they are in the middle of a call...

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  1. I have to run/work out in a sports bra! If I had forgotten my sports bra I probably would have not worked out :-p

    To answer your question from my comments:
    I do sub right now and it is a mix of general edu and special edu. A couple of the schools I am looking into are for special edu positions and I am pretty pumped. When I student taught over the summer in a special edu room, I fell in love with it! Best decision I made!!!