Sunday, April 7, 2013

Good News Sunday

This weekend was so busy, I barely had time to sit down.

Saturday began with us laying in bed for a couple of hours, just talking and enjoying Saturday morning.  Then we drove back home and I immediately headed to the gym.  I had to get 3 miles in to get my weekly milage up to 20 miles, so I pumped that out and then did squats and a few chest exercises.  I only had an hour at the gym because I was supposed to meet my dad at our local country club at 1.  Boy came and got me and we had my first meal of the day.  I got chicken enchiladas with eggs and beans.  It was incredibly delicious after working out.

I know most people hate food pictures, but I love them.

After stuffing ourselves, it was off to jiujitsu.  The way I bribed boy to come to circuit with me (2 days in a row) was by making a deal that I would go to jiujitsu with him on Saturday when it was "open mat" (read- FREE).  I had been refusing and refusing to go because he tries to wrestle me at home and I am so submissive, I just let him tap me out every time.  I thought I was going to absolutely hate it.  Luckily, my lovely friend D had gone last week with him and she was there again this week with the boy she's seeing.  Our mutual friend is attending our local university on a wrestling scholarship and is amazingly good at jiujitsu as well, so he was the one teaching us.  This guy is so nice and just a genuine soul.  He doesn't judge people and he's hilarious, so he made me feel really comfortable and let me practice some moves on him.  Then D and I wrestled.  Twice.  And I tapped her out.  Twice.  Let me tell you, jiujitsu is no joke.  I was tired after two minutes of rolling.  I don't have a natural instinct to fight, so she and I were just laughing the entire time and we both apologized to each other for the bruises.  I will never admit this to the boyfriend, but I actually enjoyed myself.  It was a new physical challenge and kind of fun.  Good thing he never reads my blog.  ;-)

A few of my battle wounds.  I have several more popping up all over the place.

We raced from there back to home so that we could shower and get ready to go to my step-mom's place of business where she has a party the first Saturday of each month.  Boy and I were asked if we could babysit a 6.5 year old while her mom played music.  She was super well behaved and so adorable.  We walked downtown and got her ice cream, then came back and played with a train set and wrote letters to put through the mail slot.  Then we played a game of color tag.  The time just flew by.  Afterward, my dad and step-mom took us to eat and I had a delicious meal of chicken with guacamole and salad.  We got home at 11pm, grabbed the puppy and headed back south for our last night of housesitting.

This morning we woke up and cleaned the place to get it ready for their return home.  Then we rushed to his mom's house for weekly brunch.  Today we didn't really have much time to hang out and chat since we had to rush back to the house to finish laundry and boy had plans to play disc golf at 2.  So we basically ate, drank coffee, and ran.  We did stop by his grandma's house to say hello for a few minutes.  Boy ended up being about 10 minutes late to disc golf after dropping me off at home so that I could go run.  

This might have been my second piece...

Boy putting alcohol on his wound.  He said it was more "manly" than putting neosporin on it.

I hopped on the treadmill and planned to go as slow as I needed to get the distance that I wanted to get to (8 miles).  I felt really good and the first 35 minutes (I run with an incline for that long) flew by.  It helped that "Across the Universe" was on.  Then after that I started feeling a little tired and thirsty.  I drank some water and kept going.  Once I hit 7.3 miles, I slowed down to a 6.9 mph pace for about 4 minutes before I sped back up again.  Eight miles came and I was feeling good again, so I went to 9.  I was pretty proud of myself.  I did a cool down and went back inside to shower and refuel.  

Nine miles...

Feeling so tired.

My refueling snack.

After snacking for an hour, dinner was ready.  My dad always makes amazing food and tonight was no different.  I had my usual bowl of whipped cream fruit for dessert and everything felt wonderful because of all of the running endorphins.  Now I am sitting here watching my step-mom and boy play their weekly game of chess.  I don't know how to play chess, nor do I care to know, so it's good that they can bond over that.

Pork chops, chop salad, and potatoes.

Looks confusing.

Now for my good news!  Last night at the party, my dad was talking to a family friend who is a professor in the Elementary Ed credential program.  Even though this is not the program I will be going into, the school of teaching obviously talk to each other and have a strong bond.  She told my dad that SPED had suffered cuts and they can only accept one group of people for next year.  She told him that they had 68 applicants this year!  I had absolutely no idea that this was the case and just kind of assumed I was going to be accepted and that this was just kind of a thing they did as a process.  After my dad told me that, I started getting nervous.  If I had known that I would have been a lot less relaxed in my interview.  Well, tonight after dinner I checked my email and got this!

I am SO excited!  I am going to wait until the formal letter comes to post anything on Facebook or other social media websites, but my dad faithful blog readers get to know first!  I cannot wait to get back to school next year.  (Please remind me that I said this next year when I am complaining about being back in school).

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