Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Week Off

One of the benefits of working in the school system is that we get breaks along with the children.  My last break was spent in Washington, so this time I decided I wanted a week at home.  Travelling is good, but I am so exhausted when I get back I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation!

We've been housesitting in a town 20 miles south of us.  The house is absolutely beautiful, so it's easy to want to spend lots of time there.  Since the boy left for work on Monday, I've been doing a lot of travelling between houses and that's been a little tiring, but worth it.

Tuesday I went home and did some laundry, my most favorite activity ever.  I watched The Biggest Loser while I was folding and putting away.  The winner of this season is an absolute beast, so that's why I began watching it.  Then I got hooked and couldn't stop.  I'm now finished with the season and I plan on doing bigger, more productive things with my life.  Then, I finally got off my butt and decided to go to the gym where I ran a very quick 1.5 miles to warm up, pumped out a shoulder exercise, then finished with a 5k.  It was really nice to be at the gym and not have to worry about getting home to make dinner or prepare for the next day of work.  I really like days where I can just take my time doing the things I love.  I came home, made a nice, high protein lunch, and read some blogs.  Then, my mom texted and asked if I wanted to go to dinner with her at Pho.  Of course I said yes, since I am a little bit obsessed with it.  We had a nice dinner.  After dinner, I went and hung out with boy's mom where she got me hooked on The Voice before going to the house that we are watching.

Laundry and Biggest Loser.

I had gotten my 5k time under 25 minutes, but I decided after lifting I didn't want to try hard.

Sweaty selfie.

My delicious lunch.

Dinner with my mom.

Wednesday was tough.  I was super, duper tired from the night before.  I don't sleep well alone and the puppy kept me up half of the night.  I finally fell asleep around 4 and woke up at 8 to let the dog out.  Once I'm awake, I can't get back to sleep.  So I laid in bed for a long time trying to go back to sleep.  Finally, I decided to just go home and eat breakfast.  I had the idea to make a workout shirt to feel productive while watching another episode of The Biggest Loser, so I did that.  Then I took the puppy for a run.  She gave up after 1.5 miles!   I guess I run too fast for the puppy.  She laid down and refused to get up again until we began walking.  I dropped her off at home and continued on my run with Milo.  We went much faster for the same distance.  We had to pass my street to get to 1.5 miles, and when we did he completely stopped and got himself out of his collar.  He's too smart.  I dragged him for another .10 of a mile before I allowed him to turn around and go home.  Then, I head to the gym for an awesome workout in my circuit class.  I had asked for a specific format and my wish was granted.  I was sweating bullets before 5 minutes had passed.  I LOVED it.  I came home to dinner being fixed and then I worked with the puppy on learning how to lay down.  She is incredibly smart and caught on quick!  

I don't know where puppy found a Kleenex box, but this is the aftermath (she only had it for approximately 8 seconds before I realized she was up to something...)

This is me, exhausted.

Cutting up a shirt.

Puppy refusing to run.

Milo obviously adores me.

I take all of these lovely sweaty pictures to send to the boy while he's at work.  Who needs sexy pictures?

Beef stirfry for dinner.

Chocolate mousse (made with coconut milk) for dessert.  I could eat 6 pounds of this stuff.

This morning, I laid in bed for way, way, way too long while Milo and the puppy played outside in the rain.  I finished The Biggest Loser.  I had planned to workout at the gym in the town where I am staying, but realized I had packed my gym clothes but NO SHOES!  How am I supposed to run in slippers?  So, I found a workout that seemed like it would be a challenge and did it.  It was a Crossfit style workout and I kicked my own butt.  I timed myself to see how long it would take.  There were 9 exercises and I had to complete 50 reps of each before moving onto the next one.  I thought the 50 burpees with a push up was going to be the hardest.  I was wrong.  The stair climb was the hardest.  The house we are watching has 15 stairs.  I did it so that UP to the top was 1 rep.  I did that 50 times.  That's 750 stairs I ran up.  I was pretty proud of doing it just under 30 minutes.  It felt like the stair climb was 50 minutes just itself.  Now I am lacking the motivation to get up and go to the gym to do some deadlifts and run (the weather is terrible).  Maybe a nap would be good.

The workout, my sweaty mess, and the time.

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