Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Yesterday it was back to work.  It always feels as though I never left because I've spent so much time in that classroom, it's pretty much my second home.  I'm starting to get really sad about leaving.  The boy who was supposed to come still has not joined our class which is making me nervous because that means I really am going to have to say goodbye much sooner than I had hoped.

I went to the gym, did my shoulder routine, and headed home to hang out with the boyfriend.  He tricked me into going to the mall with him.  I thought he was going to get his hair cut, but really he was going to get a videogame.  So, I forced him to get his haircut anyway and I got to go to the bank and picked up 2 new pairs of exercise pants.  I hate cycling through my workout clothes.  If I could have a never ending supply of fresh workout clothes, I would be so happy.  We came home and ate dinner.  A present came for me in the mail during this time and it was super exciting.  It was a "just because" present.  He's the sweetest.  We then made gluten free cookie/brownie things with peanut butter cups in the middle.  He ate approximately 5 of them and I just sat there and smelled the delicious smells wafting from the kitchen.  Then I spent way too much time reading blogs before going to sleep.

Dinner was chicken breasts, salad, and artichokes.

My little baker.

I was in charge of the brownies.

Step one.

Step two.  Then you put the brownie mix on top.  So healthy...

You can't see the finished product, but this is boy shoving his face with cookie brownies.

This is my new shirt that I am so excited about.  That is also my baby bicep.  And my jiujitsu bruise on my left arm.

I do not know why, but Tuesdays always knock me out.  I wake up tired and am in bed extra early Tuesday evenings.  It may be because it's the day that boy goes to work and he has to leave the house at 6:45am, so he's up at least an hour before me which means I'm awake an hour longer than the other days.  It might be because it's the day after Monday which takes a lot of energy just to get back into the swing of things.  It might be because it's the worst day of the week.  Not the beginning, not the middle, not the end.  Tuesdays just exist.

Today was no different.  I was super tired all day long.  I did, however, work all day and headed to the gym right after work.  I debated in my brain whether or not I wanted to just go home and climb into bed.  Instead, I pounded out two quick miles and did my back routine.  And I PR'd on my deadlift!  I'm now at 185# for my 1 rep max.  I guess Tuesdays are good for something.

I came home and made dinner.  It took me a long time because I was moving so slowly.  Tonight I made spinach/kale turkey meatballs, zucchini noodles (and gluten free noodles for the rest of the family), salad, and artichokes.  I seriously overdose on veggies every day.  I eat all of the veggies in the dinner, but I also snack on snap peas, carrots, green beans, and bell peppers while I'm cooking.  I guess I could be snacking on chips...

My warrior wounds from my deadlift today.

My plate full of vegetables.

Now I am in bed about to turn off the lights and fall asleep before 9pm.  I really am an old grandma when my young boyfriend isn't around to keep me up.  

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