Sunday, April 21, 2013

Not My Typical Sunday

After I posted my blog yesterday, I convinced myself to just go outside and do my usual 5k loop around the 'hood to loosen up my tight legs.  I threw on some clothes and braved the wind.  I thought I was going so slowly because of the wind slamming into me at almost every turn.  I got home and looked at my phone and realized I had PR'd!  I did 5k in 23:15, which is the absolute fastest I've ever done it.  I could not believe my eyes.  I came inside and did about 10 minutes of ab workouts on the floor while my mom watched Lincoln and then stretched for a good 20 minutes.  I felt fantastic.

That's me giving a thumbs up to myself for running so fast....

I have a weight in my hand, I swear.

Still excited!

The boyfriend had left for juijitsu about an hour before I left for my run, so he was expected back anytime.  He texted and asked my family and me if we wanted anything from the Mongolian BBQ place which just so happens to be in the same building right next door to his gym.  I said no thank you, just about giving my mom a heart attack.  I never turn down Mongolian BBQ, but my tummy wanted something lighter, so I had him bring me home chicken breasts, eggplant, and zucchini.  I totally made up my own meal, but it was delicious and spicy, just how I like it.

Oh.  And covered in cheese.

After dinner, we rushed to yet another theater (this one is in our town) to try and get on the waiting list to see The Tempest because our lovely friend had a large role in it and last night was their closing night.  We made it in and we saw a lot of our other theater friends in the audience, including the people we house sat for.  I adore my theater people.  I am so grateful that they are in my life.  Most of the friends I hang out with on a regular basis now are theater people, now that I think about it.  This makes me so happy.  

After the play, we had been invited over to a cast party for Hello Dolly the night before, so we went.  I felt like an honorary cast member.  I am so sad I chose not to stage manage this show now that I have hung out with the cast two days in a row.  Everyone is so amazing and hilarious.  We danced in the living room as we usually do.  There is now yet another video of me dancing on Facebook.  I am almost positive the only videos of me on the internet are of me dancing like an absolute idiot.  But it makes me so happy, that I just keep doing it.

This is me doing my best impression of how the boy dances.  He always makes this strange face.  That's my lovely friend in the background.

We finally got home around 2am.  That is a very late night for this grandma, especially after being out until 1am the night before.  I was reminded that I am actually in my 20s and this is what normal 20-something-year-olds do.  And it's FUN.  Laying in bed stalking blogs and watching silly TV is fun too, but a girl has got to be social every once in awhile.  Boyfriend had to be up at 6 to make his hour long commute to work, so he got approximately 3.5 hours of sleep.

I, however, slept until 10!  All weekend I had been telling myself that I would do my long run outside, by myself, just to prove that I could run alone and not give up or throw myself into traffic.  I usually get so bored running by myself but that might be because I do the same loop every single time and I know exactly how far I've run and how far I still have to go.  So, I was nervous this morning while I was getting ready.  My town is not the safest for runners.  It seems like a pedestrian is getting hit every single day.  But, I went outside of my comfort zone (because I couldn't use the treadmill at my dad's house due to my brother filming in the kitchen, he's a film major).  I put on my Camelbak, and ran.  I did 10 miles all by myself!  I also had to teach myself to go slower than I usually do because I didn't want to run out of energy before competing 10 miles.  I realized at about mile 3 that I hadn't eaten since 6pm the night before and I hit a major wall.  I broke through though and kept on going.  

I tried to get a picture of the park I ran past as I was running.  This is how it turned out.

Done.  Thank goodness I had my Camelbak!

When I got home, I laid on the floor for approximately 20 minutes before I decided I had enough energy to get in the shower.  Then I made a big cup of coffee and my usual breakfast smoothie.  I got really crazy though and added two hardboiled eggs.  Man, I am a rebel!

On the floor, dripping with sweat.

Yes I do eat my smoothie directly out of the blender, thank you for asking.

My dad cancelled Sunday dinner this week, which is sad, but it just means I get to bug him to make me dinner during the week.  So, my plans for the rest of the day include laying in bed and watching silly TV.  Hopefully a nap is in order.  I am exhausted.  Staying out past my bedtime two nights in a row really takes it out of me.  I'm preparing myself for the emotional roller coaster that will be this week because it's my last full week of work in my classroom.  Have a fantastic Sunday!

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  1. Congrats on your PR for a 5K!
    I am working on running a 5K in less than 30 minutes! Whoop whoop!
    I also ran 10 miles by myself. I feel better running by myself because then I can't compare myself to other runners! When I run with other people, my competitive side comes out!! :)

    Keep on running!!!