Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mood Swings

Today was a really weird day for me in terms of my moods.  I felt as though I was on a roller coaster.  My day started out lovely when I woke up to this text:

On a scale of 1- a Nicholas Sparks book, I'd say the boyfriend is about a 3.  This is exactly where I like him.  I am SO not a romance girl.  My idea of romance is when he agrees to go on a run with me or buys me a Kettlebell for Valentine's day.  But then there are days when I come home to flowers sitting on my pillow or he buys me opal earrings out of the blue because he knows I'm totally obsessed with them and I see a more romantic side to him.  So, this morning started off really great with that text.  He tells me I'm beautiful AT LEAST once a day, but he never really writes me sweet things like that.  He's just adorable.

Then, at work, one of my coworkers asked if I was losing weight!  I was more than thrilled at that.  It means I'm finally getting somewhere if the people I see every single day are noticing.  Not to mention that I was wearing 4 shirts because it's always 20 degrees colder at work since it is literally on the beach.  I mean, the kids play on a sand dune.  I was on cloud 9.

Then my boss asked me to stay after school for an IEP, which I always say yes to because I like getting the experience.  It's a great learning tool for me.  I had told the ex that I would meet him for a trail run around 3.  Well, the IEP ran a little longer than expected and I didn't leave until 4:15.  By that point I had several texts from him saying he was just going to go by himself.  I was hangry and I hadn't worked out, so I got into a really foul mood.  I agreed to go have dinner with him, but only after a work out.  I got to the gym and I was fuming.  I was shaking and on the verge of tears.  There was really NO reason for it other than I hadn't eaten in awhile and I hadn't worked out yet.

Well, after a 12 minutes of feeling like I was going to die a few minutes of running on an incline on the treadmill, I felt so much better.  Then I did my back routine which includes deadlifts, which I am in love with, and all of a sudden, I was happy again.  It is SO amazing to me just how much working out affects my moods now.  If I had skipped the workout and went to eat (like I was seriously debating doing) I would have stayed in a terrible funk.  But lifting some heavy things and feeling sweat dripping really improved everything.  It's definitely my ME time.

Then I headed to the ex's house where I got to see Milo and that made my mood even better.  After we ate some delicious homemade chicken soup, I was back to being on cloud 9.  I realized that today would have been our 7 year anniversary, so it's really random that we hung out today.  Then he fed me watermelon and my whole life was complete.

Yeah, not the most flattering picture.

When I got home, I ate chocolate and now I am finally in bed.  My mood is totally normal.  Not super happy, not angry, just glad to be me and where I am in life.  

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  1. I hate when I get into those funks!
    Working out always seems to lift me out of them too!