Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Didn't get to 100

The thought of running 7 miles today was too daunting.  So I ran 2.5 and called it good.  Next month I hope to get to 100 miles.  I don't even have a race to train for, but I've fallen back in love with running (especially my Sunday morning long runs) and I want to continue this trend.  Plus, I noticed my calf muscles in the mirror at the gym today.

The boyfriend left for work again this morning, but his days of working 72 hour shifts every single week are over, so I only have to go two days without seeing him.

Last night with Moe.

I did something after the gym that I don't usually do.  I baked.  I don't know what came over me.  I must have blacked out because when I came to this cinnamon coffee cake was sitting on the oven waiting to be taken to work tomorrow.  I have no idea how it will taste because it has gluten all over the place in it, so I had my brother and mom taste it.  They liked it.  I'm always embarrassed bringing my baking in, since I rarely do it, I feel as though I'm bad at it.

It just appeared.

My contribution to dinner tonight was the salad.  I enjoy making the salad because I have a weird thing about the way the vegetables are chopped.  I like a lot of crunch in my salad, so I like as many pieces of veggies as possible.

So much produce.

Dinner, the finished product.  Sausage (with cheese), salad, and sweet potato fries.

Oh, and the love of my life returned home to me after a long 2 weeks with his daddy.

Please don't mind my post-shower, unbrushed hair.

I fully planned on spending the rest of the evening folding laundry, but then I laid down and decided that staying put was a much better idea.  Laundry can wait until tomorrow.


  1. I'm kind of proud that you DIDN'T reach 100 miles. You have a big day ahead and I know that doing that would be possibly too much. I think we have awesome goals that of course we want to accomplish, but sometimes can be ridiculous :)
    My goal is to try for 60-75 miles this month. Running can be difficult at times (yesterday, 4 miles with crazy wind= no bueno), but I want to keep it up and not give up. Maybe I'll be fast enough to run with you again someday :)

  2. I love folding laundry!
    Something about it is just so relaxing. Weird, right?