Friday, April 5, 2013

I Passed!!

So after yesterday's blog post, I finally got off my butt and headed to the gym.  I had convinced myself to simply run 4 or 5 miles, but when I got there, the barbell was calling my name.  I had worn my running shoes, so I pumped out 2 miles and headed over to the platform to do deadlifts.  But, you're not supposed to do deadlifts in running shoes, so off they came.  I was totally barefoot in the gym, but I didn't care.  I did my deadlifts and put my shoes back on like nothing ever happened.  Then I did my back workout and left.  It felt really great.

I had to go to Target afterward to get an outfit for my interview for the credential program that was scheduled for today.  I always spend far too much time in Target and want to spend way too much money.  I made it out of there with just a pair of pants and a shirt.  I came home to dinner.  It's really, really nice coming home to dinner instead of having to make it.  We had quiche and salad.  So good after a nice workout.  I fell asleep early because I was so tired from only sleeping 4 hours the night before.  Why are you always more tired the second day after a bad night sleep??

Slower run with an incline,

Barefoot deadlifts.

My quiche.

Boy got off work today, which is always nice.  The morning started off with a walk with my best friend along the bay.  We haven't seen each other in way too long, so it was nice to catch up.  We brought Milo and the puppy and she brought her littlest dog.  She's pregnant and my step-sister (who is my other bestest friend in the world) is also pregnant.  I have TWO babies on the way and they aren't even mine.  I get to be an auntie, finally!  I'm pretty excited about this.  

After the walk, I ate breakfast and then got ready for my interview.  I forced boy to come with me so that we could go to the gym afterward.  My interview went pretty well.  The people in charge are very easy to talk to and so nice.  They made me feel really comfortable and far less nervous than I could have been.  I got out of there just in time to make it to circuit.  That means I have gone to circuit all three days this week!  I haven't done that in MONTHS.  It was a good workout.  All the boy had eaten today is candy, candy, and more candy.  It's how he keeps his 6-pack nice and tight.  It's really annoying how hard I work to stay sort of thin while he doesn't have to do anything.  Men!  We came back and ate dinner and now I am blogging.

My grown up outfit.

Circuit makes everyone crazy.

Not happy with me that I forced him to workout.

Dinner.  Hamburgers, sweet potato fries, salad, and a gigantic carrot.

Last night I got an email saying that my CSET scores would be coming to me between 5-10pm today!  I got so nervous I almost had a panic attack.  I worry too much about EVERYTHING.  It wasn't very nice of them to send me an email saying that I would get my results the next day.  So I immediately checked my email after circuit.  No results.  Shopped at Safeway, checked my email every 29 seconds. No results.  Boy forgot his wallet so he had to go to the car and get money, I sat in the car and waited for him and FINALLY the results came.  And I PASSED!!!  ALL THREE TESTS!!!  I was so, so, so excited.  I took a screen shot and sent it to everyone I know.  Such a weight off my shoulders.  I'm growing up so fast.  ;-)

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