Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Night Out

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm the biggest homebody in the world.  I seriously prefer sitting at home watching silly TV shows or reading blogs, or doing anything that I can do in my pjs with my hair in a pony tail.  My usual outfits consist of workout clothes or sweats and a hoodie.  I wear jeans to work, but that's a short 6 hours compared to the rest of my day.  So, it's a really rare event when I actually get the energy up (especially on a Friday) to do my hair and makeup and go out like a normal person my age would do.

Tuesday, my friend and I had made plans to go to a party and dance the night away.  Well, we had read the Facebook invite wrong and realized that the party is actually NEXT weekend.  So this whole going out thing is going to happen again next Friday.

Before going home, I hit up the gym for a 2.5 mile run and then leg workouts.  I should be doing longer distance runs, but I don't like doing too much cardio before weights as it wears you down and your form suffers.  But after legs, the last thing I want to do is run again, and I guess any distance is better than none.

Kettlebell swings, side lunges, and squats OH MY!

FINALLY got to use the squat rack after 40 minutes of stalking it.

I came home and tried to take a nap, but all I could get was 20 minutes.  My body just does not let me nap for some reason.  Then I got up and forced myself to get ready.  We headed to my friend's house where she had dinner waiting for us.  She's amazing.

Her husband dubbed this meal the "anti sloppy joe."

Then we hung out on the couch while she made the shirt she was going to wear out as well as the hair ties she used.  I so wish I were crafty.  Her shirt came out absolutely amazing!  Then we headed to a new bar that just opened about a month ago.  They are a beer bar, and since I'm gluten free, I don't drink beer.  I got this delicious cherry cider that tasted like soda which is really dangerous.  I haven't drank any alcohol since my birthday 4 months ago, so this was pretty much enough for me.  Then we went to a few more bars and danced the night away.  I LOVE dancing, as I've mentioned before, so it was a great night.  Boyfriend and I got home around 2:30am where I promptly fell asleep until 10 this morning.

Candid shots are the best.

Our next album cover.

She's one of my favorites.

I wanted to use today as a rest day because tomorrow I have my long run to get in.  It's the last one before the half marathon.  I spent approximately an hour reading about the course this morning and I'm only getting more nervous.  Apparently the course is flat, with only one significant hill.  So, I guess that's good?  I'm still terrified of running 13.1 miles by myself with no music or anything to keep me occupied.  What did I get myself into?  There has been a lot of laying around today because my legs are sore and I am so tired from last night.  But, of course, I can't just sit around and do nothing all day.  So, I put on Insanity Pure Cardio because I knew it had the least amount of leg work (those videos are very heavy on the lower body) and did that.  I was definitely sweaty.

Caught me taking a break from push up jacks...

Squat jacks.

Now we are about to head out for an early dinner because I have to baby sit at 6:30.  I'm about to be unemployed in 3 days and I need all of the extra money I can get.  Hanging out with a 3 year old for the evening isn't the worst way to spend a Saturday night, either.


  1. Why no music? Do you need an arm band for your phone? I can't walk around the block without music in my ears.

  2. There aren't headphones allowed. I think I am going to bring them with me anyway and see how many people have headphones. I might die without them.