Sunday, April 28, 2013

Busy Sunday

Yesterday, after I finished blogging, I got up to get ready for dinner before babysitting.  I realized that the boyfriend was not playing just one videogame, but two.  At once.  He's such a nerd.  It was a big, productive Saturday for him.  Of course dinner was Pho, because I can't survive a week without it.

Proof that he had TWO videogames open.

Driving to Pho.

BBQ beef bowl.  Pho without the broth.

Babysitting was so fun.  We watched A Bug's Life and then I read the child about 6 books before before they fell asleep and I read on the couch until the parents came home.  I love hanging out with kids, they're so much fun.

A Bug's Life and my awesome socks.

I got home around 10:30 and immediately fell asleep.  I was so tired from my big night out the night before.  I woke up at 8 this morning and immediately hopped out of bed and into my running clothes because I had to get my long run in before we went to boyfriend's mom's house for brunch.  I was actually smart this morning and decided to begin at my dad's house and run around my old neighborhood, to the park, and then to the gym.  It's mostly down hill from my dad's house.  It was a really good run.  My dad tried to convince me for about 15 minutes before I headed out to run to the gym and then back.  Back is literally uphill the entire way.  I opted out of that option.  I felt really great and even ran down the street I lived on with my mom for most of my childhood years.  Mile 8 was the most mentally challenging, but mostly it was just me and the redwoods, which is how it is going to be next Sunday.  It was also beautiful outside, not too cold like it usually is in the morning.  I did 11 miles, the farthest I've ever run.  I was going to wait at the gym until my dad came to pick me up, but I ended up bumping into a friend from the theater who offered to give me a ride home.  It was a nice chat about theater related things.

My old stomping grounds.  I rode my bike for hours down this street.

Just me and the redwoods.

I got home around 11 and the boyfriend was STILL SLEEPING!  I was out running 11 miles and he was snoozing away.  We usually head to his mom's house around 11, but we didn't end up getting there until 12.  Our timing was perfect.  We caught up over coffee and waited for brunch to be ready.  I was so starving by the time it was ready I scarfed down about 3 pieces...

So delicious.

His mom, grandma, and boyfriend hanging out in the sun on the porch.

After I stuffed myself, I did what any normal person does after an 11 mile run and mowed the 1/4 acre lawn for his mom.  I actually find lawn mowing somewhat relaxing, but my goodness does it burn some calories.  I was so tired by the end of it.  Most of the lawn was about 3 feet high and the lawn mower is about 5 years old and a manual push mower.  His mom is adorable and when I was finished, she forced me into the hammock in the sun with a cider and a good book to read.  Boyfriend went to his friend's house to jam and I soaked up some vitamin D.

Boyfriend helped by pretending to weed whack.

Yep.  I had the full get up with ear muffs and everything.

I told my EMT boyfriend that a blister on my hand had popped and it hurt.  This was the result.

Enjoying the sunshine.

I was starving again by the time we got to my dad's house.  Luckily he had made us filet mignon, polenta, green beans, and chopped salad.  I stuffed myself again, leaving just enough room for my whipped cream with a tiny bit of fruit.  

Such a good meal.

Tomorrow begins my last three days of work.  I had my first breakdown in the car this evening.  It started with me laughing hysterically at the boyfriend for doing something silly and then all of a sudden I just burst into tears.  I cried for a good 10 minutes and got it out of my system.  It's going to be a hard week, I think.  Must look at the positive things, like the fact that I got to experience this classroom in the first place.

I leave you with the most random picture my old roommate sent me last night.  It's from a yearbook ad in high school.  It brought back some great memories.

That's me in the middle, my best friend, and a girl named Norma.

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