Monday, April 15, 2013

Away For the Weekend

About a week and a half ago, my good friend who is basically my sister (we call each other our soulmate because we are so similar) texted me and invited me down to her house for her birthday weekend.  She bought the boy and I tickets to see a comedian and planned a dinner at her house before hand.  Since we had gone nowhere during my Spring Break, I decided it would be really fun to get out of town for the weekend.  She lives about 45 minutes south of San Francisco (my very favorite city in the whole world).  Boy's cousin lives in the Sunset District (my very favorite part of San Francisco), so we planned on visiting her on our way back north.

My Friday began with me getting a 5 mile run in.  I worked on speed (because we had to get out of town) and I added in a few small hills.  I am so glad I ran before I had to sit in the car for 5 hours.  I came home, rinsed off, got into a appropriate travelling attire, packed a snack, and we were off.

Yes, I did it on the treadmill.

I don't like to drive.  So boyfriend does it.

I take this bridge for granted since I've driven over it so many times.

When we got there, we were all starving, so we went to this crepe place and I had the most delicious, much needed scramble.  With lots and lots of cheese.  That was the best part.  We hung out the rest of the night just chatting and laughing.  Her very best friend was also up for the weekend, so it was great to see her as well.

Their dog had eaten a bag of chocolate chips off the counter while we were out shopping.  He went to the emergency room and we got his crate ready for him when he got back.  I somehow got locked in.

We woke up and ate breakfast before heading to OSH.  My soulmate usually has something exciting planned for the weekend when people come to visit her, and this time was no different.  She wanted to put in a vegetable garden.  Well, boy has grown up gardening with his grandma and her best friend happens to be very artistic and does some beautiful landscaping, so we were all in charge of helping with yard work.  Boy built some beautiful beds for the garden and the ladies planted flowers around the yard while trying to figure out conversions for fertilizer.  It was hard.

Picking out tomatoes.

A few of our plant choices.

M hard at work.

Sort of before (we had already planted the flowers).

Doing really hard math.

The landscaping team.

The after.

Boy on his dream vacation.

Overhead pressing the planter box to move it.  Yes I did change into shorts and a tanktop because it was too hot.

After gardening and showering, M and I got put on baking duty while my soul mate showered and got ready.  I was in charge of the chocolate covered strawberries and she was in charge of the Pinterest recipe rice crispy treats.  We had fun being unusually domestic.  Then we got about 6000 vegetables ready for toppings for the pizza that was for dinner.  Everyone got to make their own pizza and grill it on the outdoor grill.  I, of course, made a HUGE salad.  We're talking 6 pounds of vegetables.  I was one happy camper.  Not much exercise was done on this day and it was kind of a really amazing thing. I haven't taken a true rest day in months.  My body was so happy with me. 

My beautiful creations.

Domestic Debbies, making up our own recipes.  I'm particularly proud of my back muscles in this.

Still in the kitchen.

Our handiwork.

The first pizza.

My soulmate's pizza.  She always has to be a little off...

My massive salad.

After dinner we all headed to the comedy club.  This was mostly a dive bar with a stage set up, but it was perfect for the group we were with.  Everyone laughed and had an amazing time.  It was a two drink minimum and I don't drink often simply because I don't like the way I feel the morning after now that I'm an old lady.  Since the boyfriend is a young whipper snapper, he drank mine.  We came home and chatted a bit before the bulk of the group left.  I met a guy who had just ran the San Luis Obispo 1/2 marathon in 1:30!  I was amazed.  We were talking about how we can't stand the drink pushers during the last few miles, especially the ones who are yelling at us how far we still have to go. It was a pretty hilarious conversation.  I love all of her friends.  They are so fantastic.

The next morning after staying up way too late for my grandma butt, my soul mate's husband and I ventured out for a run.  He's been running a lot lately and, of course, Sunday is my long run day.  He asked how far I wanted to go and I told him that 10 miles was on the list, but I was super tired and not feeling 10 miles.  He said we'd see how we felt at 3.5 and then go from there.  At 3.5, we were both feeling good, so we took a loop that he said would get us to a little over 9 miles.  Well, at 9 miles we still had 3 until we were home again.  I decided to go until mine said 9.5 because I was so tired.  We walked the rest of the way, which means in total we did about 11 miles.  It was a BEAUTIFUL trail.  We passed the bay and ran around a lake.  I so wish we had trails like this one up here.  And the sun.  I would run outside much more often if it wasn't so windy and cold all of the time.

This is what I got to run through.

Such a pretty trail!

We came home and my soul mate had breakfast and coffee ready for us.  There's a reason she's my soul mate.  She made us eggs with pretty much all of the veggies from the night before piled in.  It was exactly what my sore legs were craving.  We ate and I showered and got ready before heading back north to spend some time in San Francisco with boy's beautiful cousin.

You thought you would get away with not having to see my food.

Boy's cousin works at a coffee shop, so we started our time there.  She made me a delicious latte and boy had a blueberry smoothie.  Then, we went to her adorable house and hung out for awhile while we waited for their friends to show up.  We hopped on the bus (literally 50 feet from her front door) and ended up the the Haight.  I love how funky that part of town is.  Boy bought me some amazingly beautiful earrings just because I said I loved them.  He's so sweet.  Then, we got back on the bus and ended up in the Castro, which is fantastic.  We went to a sushi place and I realized that all I had eaten were my eggs and suddenly I was STARVING.  I ordered way too much food and ate all of it.  Then it was dessert time and boy got not one but TWO desserts, a delicious chocolate covered macaroon and a cremebrule from a cart.  It was almost 8 by that point, which was 2 hours later than I had hoped to leave, so we went back to her house, used the restroom and headed home.  We rolled in around 12:45am, which is WAAAAY past my bedtime on a school night.  Today I am dragging, but it was so worth it to spend that time in the city with amazing people.

You can see the Golden Gate Bridge from her apartment.

On the bus, like a local.

The Castro.

It was so beautiful in the city yesterday!

Walking the hills of SF.

My massive spread.

Boy with both of his desserts.

He's spoiled.

Goodbye San Francisco.

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