Monday, April 1, 2013

It's April?!

Holy cow!  These months go super fast, especially when your days are busy.  Last week I was sick.  Again.  So absolutely annoying.  Monday I powered through a workout which was probably a bad idea because Tuesday I was absolutely beat.  After a long test, a long run during which I could not breathe through my nose, and working out my shoulders (not to mention working), I hadn't allowed my body enough rest.  I can't force myself to lay down once in awhile, but Tuesday, while driving to the gym, I decided that lifting heavy things sounded horrible and that I needed to go lay down.  That.  Never.   Happens.  I laid in bed, tossing and turning, unable to breathe, berating myself for not going to the gym because I was never going to go to sleep.  I finally got fed up, opened my eyes, and looked at my phone.  It had been an hour and a half!  I had dreamed everything (except for the not being able to breathe part).  I had definitely needed that sleep.  So then I got out of bed, did a short circuit of burpees, chest exercises, ect. for about 20 minutes before I went to meet my mom at the grocery store.

My computer knows me way too well.

This was Tuesday night's dinner.  So many veggies!

Wednesday I was feeling MUCH better and could keep my eyes open.  I got my butt completely kicked in circuit after running a quick 5k on the treadmill.  Then I headed over to the ex's house to pick up Milo and eat some delicious cauliflower crust pizza

Trying to work on my pace.

This is Cruz.  He lives with my ex.

Our pizza was so delicious.

Thursday was completely normal and boring, except that I worked out at the gym and then went for a lovely run with my running partner.  Totally uneventful.  Friday, boy got off work and his cousins and aunt were in town so we headed south immediately after I got off work.  We hung out at his mom's house with his family (who are all amazingly beautiful and so nice) before heading back north to go to Mongolian BBQ.  Then we stopped and got some froyo, which I hadn't eaten in several months.  It was worth every single bite.  We headed back south to his mom's house where we spent the rest of the evening laughing and drinking (I drank tea, because I'm an old lady).

My brother was dog sitting, so I had to get a picture of the nervous bunch.

I somehow got to be in the picture of our froyo.

Boy's cousin and her boyfriend, sharing a bite.

This is definitely us.

Boy playing with Lily and his brother trying to photobomb.

Saturday morning we woke up and had to get a tour of the house we are housesitting for the week.  We are taking care of the cutest puppy named Hazel, but she is yet ANOTHER dog added to our already HUGE dog pack.  I swear we are going to be known as the crazy dog pack.  We came back to boy's mom's house, had brunch and then said our goodbyes to the family.  Boy headed to jiujitsu and I headed to the gym to kick my own butt.  I got a great workout in.  Then I went to our friend's house where we watched some TV before heading back south to the house we are watching.  

Just my warm up.

Sunday we woke up and it was Easter.  We had to be back at my mom's house by 10, but the puppy had kept us awake for way too long the night before so we accidentally slept way too long and ended up at my mom's house by 10:30.  We had the most delicious brunch of fruit salad, sausage, potatoes, scrambled eggs, and homemade gluten free bread.  My mom made crepes for dessert, but I just had the chopped fruit with whipped cream on top.  Boy's mom, grandma, and brother came over to eat with us and then we decorated eggs.  It was a lovely morning, surrounded by good company and about 1000 dogs.

Boy started his morning off right with a Milky Way.

Milo is a total jerk when it comes to other dogs and hoards his toys.

This is Hazel, the 4 month old puppy we're watching this week.  She's too cute.

After brunch, I changed into my usual attire of gym clothing and headed on over to my dad's to get my long run for the week out of the way.  I always set out to do much longer than I actually end up doing.  I really wanted to get at least 8 or 9 miles done, but I had to stop at 7.5 because boy came in and told me dinner was ready and that my dad was forcing me to get off.  I did the entire run at an 8:11 pace.  I like the treadmill because it forces me to keep a pace.  I slowed it down at about 50 minutes, but only by a few seconds per mile.  I could have gone to 8 miles easy.  My cousin came over and my grandma and grandpa were both there.  We stuffed our faces with chicken breast, asparagus wrapped in bacon, sweet potato fries, and tomato, basil, and cheese salad.  For dessert was our usual fruit salad with whipped cream.  After that, I laid on the couch and read a book I found on my dad's shelf that actually ended up being extremely good and I am almost finished with it, while boy played chess with my step-mom.  It was a great evening.  When we finally headed back south to the house we're staying at, we stopped by the boy's mom's house again because it was his brother's last night in town.  He's moving to LA, so we had to say bye.  We ended up watching Snow White and the Huntsman and I fell asleep, as I always do.  It was a very long day.

Wanted to go to 8!

Cousin and me with the grandparents. 

Boy stretched me while I read.  I'm not spoiled at all.

Today we slept in until 12. Well, he slept until 12.  I was up at 9:30 and read my book until he woke up at 11:30.  We laid in bed talking until 12, when we finally decided to go home and eat.  We spent all day together.  We took the dogs for a walk, went to circuit at the gym, cooked dinner, and now we are about to curl up and watch Netflix.  It was a beautiful, relaxing day.

Figuring out the Rubix cube has been his project for the last few days.

I had two, the boy and another dog are way up there in the distance.

Our dinner.

I leave you with this, because I LOVE it.

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