Monday, July 22, 2013

What I Do When I Get An Unexpected Break and a Drummer

I know the boyfriend makes a regular appearance on the blog, but mostly as that person who I occasionally force to workout with me against his will. He is, actually, an amazing human being with lots of hobbies. (Remember the time he grew mushrooms from scratch?) Well, today one of his more obnoxious loud hobbies returned to our home after a year hiatus of living at a friend's house.

That's right. The drum set has returned. He also occasionally serenades me with the guitar while I'm lying in bed, which is much more pleasant.

I came home from school to a live band in my living room. My brother plays the guitar (really well) and his friend who had the drums and stupidly very kindly returned them today plays the bass.

I did dabble in a bit of drum playing myself when the last time the drums lived here.

Let's just say I'll stick to running and lifting heavy objects.

This week in school we are learning about medically fragile students, so we have to spend the morning (when we were student teaching the last 3 weeks) with the school nurse. Today we learned about seizures and got to stab each other with (fake) Epi-Pens before we were released. At 10:30. This left me with 3 hours before I had to be at school. So I did what I'm sure everyone else does when they find themselves with some random free time.

Yep. I went to the gym. I got to run 4 miles before doing my back routine. The 4 miles felt really great and I was trying to figure out why. Then I remembered that I had drank 2 cups of coffee not even 30 minutes before. I think my legs were really awake.

I even had time to do some ab work AND change back into normal people clothes.

It felt so good to be done before class so I could just go home and eat be at home for longer than 2 hours before falling asleep. I'm hoping the same thing will happen tomorrow.

How did your workout feel today?
What do you do when you find some random time off??


  1. I use to love when we would have random breaks during school....catch up on homework or other fun things!!!

    BTW - You are so gorgeous!!!! :)

  2. That is a class that I really wish had been included in my teacher-prep program. We had a lot of theory and not a lot of relevant, this-could-happen stuff.

    1. It is really, really handy. I haven't started the regular program yet, so I am sure I will see a lot of theory during the year. Seizures scare me, so it was really nice to go over protocol for them.

  3. Are you currently student-teaching now/teaching at a full-year school?

    1. I am currently student teaching. I have been a paraprofessional for the last 6 years, so I was also working as an aide at the same time as student teaching during summer school (we have 4 weeks of summer school each year). Then, in the fall, I will be student teaching at 3 different placements, hopefully while getting paid as an aide in at least one classroom. :-)