Friday, July 19, 2013

The Meanest Girlfriend Ever

I cannot believe that the 3rd week out of 4 weeks of school is over! I definitely did not think it would fly by this fast. Unfortunately, next week they are taking the student teachers out of the classroom, which meant today was also my last day of work. I'm upset about this because I LOVE my job, but also because I am losing out on $300 that was promised to me to go learn about things I've been doing already for the last 5 years. Alright, tangent over.

Today, the students had a pizza party. The entire room smelled so delicious and I was drooling all over my desk.

They also had homemade strawberry shortcake, which I didn't get a picture of. I cleaned out their work books while they were eating pizza and this came up:

With the smells of pepperoni and the thoughts of bacon, my stomach was grumbling. My tuna that I had packed for lunch didn't particularly hit the spot. 

After work I went to the gym for Friday Leg Day. I am the worst girlfriend ever. I forced boyfriend to meet me there and proceeded to kick his butt into gear. This was after he had gotten off a 72 hour shift at 8 this morning. Good thing he loves me a lot.

I also had him do Bulgarian Split Squats. 

These are almost the worst exercise ever. Burpees are a close first, though.

Do you see the fear in my eyes? This was my 3rd set. Our legs were sufficiently shaking at the end. And I was starving as usual. Luckily, my sister had texted me to invite me to her husband's little brother's birthday dinner at our local brewery. My food was amazing.

My sister is also very handy in the kitchen and made him an Oreo ice cream cake! Homemade cake and everything! She's amazing.

Tomorrow I am planning on sleeping in and then attending a baby shower for my sister. We have sushi parties for pretty much any occasion, so we aren't going to stray from that tradition which is fine by me! 

Have you ever made your own sushi?
What are you doing this weekend? 


  1. I never had sushi, I wonder how it taste!
    I love having a work out buddy every now and then.
    And I HATE burpees! :)

    This weekend I am working alllllllllllll weekend.
    I am hoping to get in 6.5 miles at some point!
    Have a good one :)

    1. You've never had sushi!? Sushi is my favorite food on the planet. It's really not for everyone though, so we can still be besties if you don't like it.

  2. Bulgarian split squats are the worst. Worse than normal burpees but better than push-up burpees. I've never made my own sushi...I would probably poison myself! :)

    1. I'm going to have to agree with you on that! They are worse than normal burpees!!!

  3. Good self control with not eating the pizza, I don't know that I could have done that!

    1. Thank you! Gluten and I don't really get along, so it's easy to avoid pizza. But scraping the toppings off sounded really good at the time.