Sunday, July 7, 2013

So Much Better

Today's long run was SO much better than last week's. It might have been because I actually got myself out of bed early enough to run before brunch. I started running around 10 and it was about 25 degrees cooler than it was last week. It was probably also because I hadn't eaten a huge meal before hand. I felt great for most of it and only quit at 9.5 miles because I realized it was past 11 and we had to be at brunch.

I was hopped up on awesome endorphins by the time I got in my car and it lasted through brunch.

My favorite part of the long run is refueling. Let's be honest, my favorite part of any day of the week is eating, but food just tastes better after working your behind off.

The raspberries and strawberries in the fruit salad were straight from the garden. SO good. And today's farm project was trimming bushes, but the trimmer broke halfway through, so boyfriend had to play repair man.

Boyfriend's grandma's dog Olive obviously worked way too hard getting petted and loved, so she had to nap while the bush trimming was happening.

Then we made our way to my day's house where we chatted until dinner was ready. Dinner was buffalo meatballs, polenta, green beans, and salad. It was incredibly delicious.

On the agenda for tonight is going to bed. All of the weekend activity has made me extremely tired. I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, and that your runs were as awesome as mine.

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  1. Your brunch looks amazing.
    Seriously, I need to come spend the week with you in Cali. We can run, you can show me how to lift, and we can eat all this amazing food! :)