Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Workout Was Hard and a Jicama Overdose

Today in practicum we sat. A lot. Then during our lunch break I decided to be a good student and meet with my group to work on our group project which involved more sitting. And during our lecture/discussion we had a guest speaker which required sitting. So by the time we got out, I was so tired because not moving my body all day makes me feel like a slug and totally drained.

I forced myself to the gym and took an extra long time changing into my workout clothing. I told myself that I had a nice comfy bed waiting for me at home when I was finished.

 I did a 5 minute warm up on the treadmill and knew that the next 20 minutes were going to be pure hell. I did 10 sprints, but my body wasn't happy about. I even had to recover at an 8:45 pace for the last few.

Then I did not listen to my body and did intervals on the stairs. I wanted to try to go for 11 minutes this week. Didn't happen. Got to 9.5 minutes and stopped.

I moved into the weight room to finish off Wednesday HIIT day with tabatas and made the mistake of sitting down.

I suffered through 3 rounds of tabatas, did some plank work and then found the most magical toy that exists.

I get the biggest knots in my right shoulder. It has to do with horrible posture and probably really bad running form. But this little guy actually worked it to a point where I could no longer really feel it. Boyfriend works on it every night he's home and still hasn't gotten it to the point this lovely little ball did.

That's the face of pure bliss! 

A couple of days ago I read about jicama chips. I had never thought to bake jicama, so I thought this was totally genius. I am obsessed with crunchy food. I eat carrots whole, sugar snap peas disappear in my presence, and my grapes have to be crunchy. These sounded right up my alley and I finally found jicama at the store. So I made them the moment I got home.

I am pretty sure I ate half of the entire jicama and am slowly fading into a jicama coma. If you can overdose on this stuff, I am pretty sure I did. And I don't regret a bite. I also had real food. I got creative and topped a leftover burger from last night with an egg. And sopped up the yolk with more jicama.

Notice all of the CRUNCH?

Don't be tricked by the "mild" on that salsa. It was the only salsa in the fridge, but I made sure my jicama was extra spicy to make up for it.

Tomorrow we get to learn about Adaptive PE, so we get to move class outside and play games. I am very excited about this.

What do you do to talk yourself into working out when you really don't want to?

Do you like spicy food?


  1. I've been seeing Jicama everywhere! What does it taste like??

    1. It has a slightly sweet flavor. It's crunchy, like a carrot, but has a weird texture. Some people really don't like it because of that. I love it!

  2. 8:45is still really fast for recov!!! Whenever I do any speed I am CRAWLING on the recovery... literally mastered the "Sprinters jog" where I am secretly just walking but lifting my knees more than usual and exaggerating the arm swing... I am not convincing anyone but myself when I claim Im running..

    1. I love this! The "sprinter's jog!" That is hilarious.

  3. I thought that it said "107 miles"...that little decimal is important. I love jicama and never thought to bake it...I'll have to try that when it's no longer 7 million degrees and I can stand to turn my oven on. :)

    1. I would probably not be walking anymore if I had done 107 mile on the stairstepper! That decimal is very important!

  4. A lot of people around me keep talking about jicama!
    I need to try it!
    Where do you find it??