Tuesday, July 9, 2013

100 lbs for 100 Posts

Today marks my 100th post. This is pretty exciting. Today was also a REALLY bad run day, but a REALLY good strength day.

Yesterday I was so tired I fell asleep at 9 and was out the entire night. Apparently I had conversations with the boyfriend a few times, but I absolutely do not remember them. Learning takes so much out of me. I also ran 4.1 miles.

And then I did my back routine. I had started a gym pet peeve post because I was so annoyed the entire time by people who did not re-rack their weights, were just standing around chatting completely in the way, and just people in general. I think I was so annoyed because of my exhaustion and not actually the people at the gym.

Today work was really hard. We had 3 kids and 4 adults, so I helped organize paperwork for 2 hours and then we walked to the park for lunch and sat in the sun before touring the Depot Museum. They had so many strange collections of things I had no idea people collected, like padlocks and barbed wire.

They also had old year books from the boyfriend's alma mater, which happens to be the school I'm working at, so I found a picture of baby boyfriend.

The top one.  Not the bottom.

I tricked him this morning by asking him to go running with me before he was fully awake and knew what he was agreeing to. He was surprised when I got home and told him to get into running shoes. I had to wait 30 minutes for him to get ready and tape his foot so he wouldn't get a blister.

Then we headed out on my very hard run. It was such a mental game today. I wasn't even going faster than usual. I think I am literally just exhausted. I even had to stop at the top of a hill to catch my breath. It made me nervous for how my strength training would go. I was feeling so frustrated with myself, but I have to remember that running IS hard. That's why so many people don't do it.

Tuesdays are chest/triceps day. I usually like to go to the gym because they have a nice bench press set up and I'm not strong enough to clean the weight I can press. But, since I had boyfriend to help spot me and hand me the barbell, I worked out at home. And bench pressed 100 lbs!! My 1RM had been 90 for so long. I was SO excited. Then boyfriend got out the pull up bar and I decided to try a chin up.... It has been a huge goal of mine to be able to do a chin up. I haven't been able to. Ever. Well, today I did one!!!!! It was such a good strength day. And then I got to refuel with this.

Yesterday the boyfriend bought us both Costco memberships which was pretty much the best present ever. We took a trip to get me grapes and him some food for work tomorrow.

Now I am going to fall asleep before the sun goes down just to do it all over again tomorrow.


  1. Happy 100th Post! That was a great run! I am working towards a 7:30 pace. To me, that's awesome! Don't get down on yourself, not every run is mentally easy and that's what will make you better and better!

  2. Thank you! It was totally all mental for me yesterday. I have to remember it's the HARD runs that make me stronger, not the easy ones. And you will get to a 7:30 pace in no time!!

  3. CONGRATS on YOUR 100 lbs and 1 chin up!
    And of course your 100th post!! Whoo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You go girl!!!!

  4. Hey girl!
    I am getting ready to post my "Promo" blog post next week.
    Email me at runlikeag@outlook.com if you would like to view "your section" before I post it :) Thanks :)

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I can't wait to read it!