Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Only Day 3??

When I was rudely awoken by my alarm this morning, I realized that I had only gone through TWO days of school and work and this was only day THREE. I am exhausted. I did come into my room after breakfast to Moe sitting in the dark staring at his favorite toy. Who knows how long he had been there, but it certainly made my day.

I cannot reiterate how much I love my job. Summer school is always much more laid back than regular school and the kids are only there for 4 hours. Monday we hiked the redwoods, Tuesday we spent the day in my town at the Farmer's Market and the waterfront, and today we went to the small logging town just south of the high school and had a picnic at the river.

The weather was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. The kids spent about an hour skipping rocks into the river. It was lovely.

Then we headed back up the trail to eat lunch and kick a soccer ball around.

School was school. I am feeling really overwhelmed and having self doubt already! And I haven't even started the regular program. I am already questioning my ability to have my own classroom. I can make a pretty good aide, but will I make a good teacher??? Only time will tell. 

I came home instead of going to the gym and threw on Fitness Blender's 1000 calorie workout. Today was the first day in a very long time that I had to actually convince myself to workout. I did and I felt way better afterward, even though I had to do several rounds of HIIT burpees.

They make me crazy! So do jumping jacks.

Dinner tonight was surprisingly good, considering I just scrounged around in the fridge because boyfriend is at work and the rest of the family is at a local baseball game. 

Tomorrow is a day off, thanks to our founding fathers and I plan on spending it doing nothing before going back to the crazy schedule that is my new life on Friday. 


  1. 1. I hate burpees! I REFUSE to do them.
    2. Don't doubt yourself girl! When I student taught I always had these doubts that I sucked. But the teachers and students always assured me that I didn't. You WILL BE AN EXCELLENT teacher!! Have faith in your self girl!!!!
    3. Are you working summer school and going to school???

    1. I am working summer school in the classroom I was in at the end of the year as well as being a student teacher. The students in my cohort are all student teaching in the morning and then attend OUR school from 1:30-4:30 after summer school gets out. I am basically getting paid to student teach.