Saturday, July 6, 2013

Confusing the Days

The day off in the middle of the week completely threw me off yesterday. I spent the entire day thinking it was Monday. We also only had 4 students at work. School, however, flew by. I couldn't believe how fast 3 hours went. I guess I was really engrossed in the subject matter. Of course, I hit the gym afterward.

After the short run, I killed my legs in the gym. I was supposed to meet the boyfriend at 6, so I only had about 45 minutes, but I got my legs nice and shaky.

I finally got to see the boyfriend after 3 long days and we stopped by the store to get me some dinner so that I didn't get hangry. 

Then we head out to The Orchard to spend the night. My uncle is out here from Connecticut and wanted to spend a night off the grid. We got there right as the campfire was started.

I got really smart and brought out a pad to lay on to watch the shooting stars while chatting with the uncle I never get to see.

It was already 90 degrees when I woke up at 8:15 this morning, so I knew I would be spending the entire day in the river. We ate breakfast and I couldn't find my hat, so I tried to stay cool with the boyfriend's shirt.  Also, don't mind boyfriend's Johnny Bravo morning hair.

Thank goodness I found it before heading down to the river.

I spent the day swimming up river and floating back down. The boys tried to catch crawdads. 

The boyfriend caught something a little bit bigger than a crawdad, however.

Boyfriend created a gigantic snorkel using every single snorkel we had in storage and added a floatations device so that he could still breathe while diving. He thought he was a genius.

We left after we ate lunch and of course as soon as I got home I forced the boyfriend to do a workout video with me, because swimming up river all day wasn't enough for me.

We take ourselves very seriously when we workout together.

We also had to do lunges, which I think I hate almost more than burpees. Especially the day after leg day.

I also won during our planking competition that was only a competition in my head. He had no idea we were competing.

I was starving by the end of it, so we got presentable and he took me on a date. To Phò, of course.

We also shared the most delicious spring rolls ever.

Then, since it's the first Saturday of the month, we walked around Art's Alive with the step sister and her husband and people watched.

I'm still having a hard time remembering that it's Saturday and tomorrow is Long Run day and family food day. I'm so confused!

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  1. I've been confused all week!!!
    Looks like you had an awesome time!
    I LOVE the pictures of you and the boyfriend working out together! Made my morning :)
    Happy Sunday!!!