Saturday, July 27, 2013

Waiting For Baby

Yesterday I attended my last day of summer school. While it will be nice to have my summer days back, it also felt a little sad. I made quite a few new friends in that class, but most of them were FINISHING the the program while I was starting it, so they will all be teaching come fall. It was a little sad to have to say goodbye so soon. I am just glad the woman I am the closest with will be continuing on in the fall with me.

I did get out of the first part of class early enough to get to the gym in between class, which made me really happy.

My run was nothing special. I did have the treadmill on an incline for the entire run and I put it a few seconds faster than my comfortable pace, so I felt slightly uncomfortable for the entire run, but not so bad that I was dying at the end. My best friend was also able to meet me there for our strength training portion. 

She's moving to San Diego tomorrow to begin law school, so this was our last workout together for awhile. I am seriously going to miss her. 

I got to be home at a decent hour since I had gotten my workout out of the way. Boyfriend had gotten off work in the morning, so we went to Costco and then to our local natural foods store to get me a salad that I had been craving.

We had made plans to see a play with my old roommate and her boyfriend (who is also a best friend). They hadn't eaten dinner beforehand, so we ended up at the only place in town that serves food after 9pm--- Denny's.

I didn't get to sleep until 1:30am! I was crazy last night. ;-) 

This morning we had planned on going to The Orchard for some rafting, but we decided it was too long of a drive for just 2 hours of rafting. Especially when we had a very important 12 hour drive coming up in 3 days!

So, I ended up heading over to my sister's house to hang out with her. She is moments away from giving birth, so she's literally trying everything she can to induce labor. She tried doing 50 squats yesterday, which made this fitness sister really proud. Today, however, we baked.

She's in nesting mode, so I went right along with her. Baking takes so much out of you! We made chocolate chip cookies.

We also made oatmeal cookies for her to take with her to the hospital. She's so thoughtful!

I was exhausted by the end of it. It was really fun just being with her waiting for her water to break while the boys played video games. 

Boyfriend and I came home and I forced him to do two videos from Fitnessblender. Then he made me dinner and now we are sitting on the couch watching Netflix.

I am really hoping my godchild comes before we leave for Seattle on Wednesday! It was a perfect Saturday.

How was your Saturday?

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  1. Hoping you get to see your godchild soon!!!
    How exciting!!!! :)
    My Saturday was a nightmare! My car died! I haven't even had it for a year!!!! Grrrr!!!
    Have a wonderful Sunday love!!!