Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello From The Road!

I've been stuck in a car for approximately 9 hours today. I am still currently in the car as we speak. I forced the cousin to the gym with me this morning for a last horrah before being on vacation for 12 days.

I did HIIT and I am so glad I did because I am going absolutely bonkers sitting in the car for hours and hours. I've been having some anxiety about being away from my routine for almost 2 weeks, but I have to keep reminding myself that it's worth it. Exercise should come second to living your life, and on this island, we are truly living life.

Since my mom has been out of town for 3 weeks and will be gone for another week, Moe has to stay with Uncle while I'm gone. He was not happy about it. He actually put himself in the car while we were packing up. He generally avoids the car at all possible costs.

We made it safely to Oregon. Okay, we only live 90 minutes from the Oregon border, so it was just the beginning of this long journey.

Confession: before boyfriend and I started dating and I started visiting Washington at least twice a year, I had been to Hawaii more than I had been to Oregon and I had never been to Washington.

We found a random, awesome little authentic Mexican place thanks to Yelp to eat.

I ordered salad with carnitas and it was the best decision of the month. I actually scooped up guacamole with slices of avocado. I have an addiction.

It's illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon, which feels really weird to this native Californian. So while we were waiting for the gas to fill up, boyfriend and I did a few exercises and then I got the lovely job of stretching him.

We got to Portland right at sunset. I swear the sunsets get prettier the farther north you go.

We are finally driving through Washington and almost to our destination for the night. We will sleep in Seattle before waking up to get to our island in the afternoon. I cannot wait. It's like a different world up there.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday!


  1. You have been to Hawaii??
    I hope you have a fabulous vacation! Enjoy it girl and don't worry about your gym routine! It will be there when you get back!!! :)

  2. Moe.IS.SO.CUTE.

  3. There's nothing worse than taking a long road trip and eating on the road (I really love junk food on road trips lol) without getting some intense exercise in before or after! I'll bet doing that HIIT made you feel MUCH better!