Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mini Golf and Babies

First of all, let me just tell you how happy I am that this summer school portion of my program is half way over. I'm actually really enjoying it because it's what I'm really interested in, but learning is SO tiring.

Yesterday's work adventure was a trip to play mini golf. I had absolutely no idea that we had a mini golf place anywhere in our county. I am learning about so many new places in my community working at this placement. It's pretty awesome. Those students are much better golfers than I am. The weather was absolutely beautiful, so that was a plus.

After school I rushed to the gym and ran a quick 5K before blazing through my leg workout. I finally got a squat rack and was deloading my weights from the bar to start front squats and this man ran into my rack as I was halfway done unloading. He asked if I was done WHILE he began to use my barbell. I was like, "um, no." And then he asked how many sets I had left and I told him 3. He said, "one??" I said, "No..." He left, but continued to stare at me the entire time I was doing front squats. It was so awkward. 

The reason I sped through my workout was because Boyfriend's sister and nephews are in town for the weekend. I absolutely love and adore his sister and her babies.

We spent time at a wedding rehearsal dinner for family friends (the reason she's in town). The boys found a sandbox to play in and I got to eat delicious food. Win-win.

After we spent time with the babies, we went to my good friend's housewarming party. We didn't get there til 11, which is way way way past my grandma bedtime, especially in a Friday after a long week of school. My friend is totally obsessed with cats, so the party was cat themed.

I wasn't lucky enough to have ears, but I did get a paper plate crown.

We finally made it to bed at 2am. This morning I was awoken by my lovely step sister at 10:30 who assumed I would be awake. That would usually be a very good assumption, but my body needed sleep. It was nice waking up to her face. Then boyfriend and I did a HIIT workout and went to Costco. Afterward we took Moe and my best friend's dog that we are watching for the week for a walk.

Or a run, as it was for that little guy. Let's talk about how spoiled Moe is for a minute. I walked outside to find this:

He was sun bathing on top of his own personal bed, also known as my mom. Tomorrow is a special Sunday brunch because today is boyfriend's grandma's birthday and we get to eat gluten free cake at 11am. I can't wait!


  1. I hate when people assume you're almost done with equipment at the gym and get all up in your personal space about it. Can't they just stand far away and stalk from a distance? lol

  2. You and JG would have so many fun things to talk about!
    He tells me stories all the time about people trying to take his gym equipment or people who won't get off equipment he needs :)

    Hope your Sunday is fabulous!!!