Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So Many Visitors!

I have been MIA from the blogosphere for the last day or so because I have been so busy with many out of town guests. Sunday night (around 2am), my old roommate and her boyfriend got into town.

Monday morning we thought that our hike had worked and that the baby was coming, so my entire morning consisted of this:

I felt so bad leaving my guests to fend for themselves (they spent time with my other old roommate), but I really thought baby was coming. When it had been a few hours I forced myself to the gym.

My run was kind of hard and all I wanted to do was fall asleep because I had been woken up several times in the middle of the night. Then I went to the weight room to do my back routine and I was literally the only female lifting weights. I was not amused.

I don't mind being the only lady lifting, but when you get stared at blatantly, it feels really uncomfortable. 

After I showered, I met up with the out of towners for dinner.

I had blackened chicken salad that was absolutely delicious. We then wandered around and hit up a local used bookstore for text books and played dress up at a thrift store.

The night ended with us watching a movie and catching up on each other's lives. 

This morning I had to drop them off for hair cuts. She had hit a raccoon on her drive up here and it somehow managed to rip her radiator almost all the way out, so she was reliant on us for rides. Beware of those scary mechanic raccoons, they do some damage! The. I made it to the gym to run.

Today's run felt much better. I was well rested and hydrated. Then it was time to hit the weights for chest/tricep day. Ad I wasn't the only lady lifting. It felt much less uncomfortable.

Boyfriend's cousin came into town shortly after I got done. Boyfriend has been working since Sunday because we are leaving for paradise tomorrow. This is also the reason his cousin came into town. She's joining us on our journey up north. So, I picked her up and we met up with the rest of the bunch for Pho. I had been far too long since I had eaten it.

Notice the baby is still in my sister's belly? She decided that she wanted to stay in a little longer. Of course, we couldn't complete the night without a little froyo.

My out of town guests had gotten their car back while I was picking up the cousin, so they left to go home after froyo. Cousin and I drove south to visit boyfriend's grandma and her dogs.

Now we are home and both crashing because we are hitting the gym early before we leave town for paradise. I cannot WAIT to be there, especially after these two very hectic days. I mean, look at this magical place.

Who were your last out of town guests?
Where is your magical place?


  1. What is with the blatant staring at the gym?! Don't men know it's super uncomfortable?? If the tables were turned...nah, they'd probably like it.

  2. Busy!!! Being busy is good though!
    I think my last out of town guests were our family and friends for our wedding last year..... long time ago! :)

    Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!