Tuesday, July 23, 2013

That Was My Idea!

I had this whole plan on writing about how to take care of/what to do with your sweaty workout clothes, but then I noticed this girl already wrote a post exactly like that. And she's a much bigger blogger than I am, so I will let her do the talking and just post a picture of my sweaty clothing to prove that I really did have the idea this morning!

The morning portion of school was exhilarating. We went over a PowerPoint of common communicable diseases found in the classroom and then learned how to put on gloves. No. Seriously.

I am so glad I'm not getting paid for this week because I've been wondering for years how to put on gloves. End sarcasm. Luckily we got out early again and I immediately went to the gym.

My run was a progression run of sorts, mostly because I wanted to fit in at least 3 miles before lifting and I only had an hour. I started at a 7:30 pace for the first mile, then bumped it up to 7:14 for the second, then 7:04 for the third. The last .10 was done at 6:40 pace. Surprisingly, I felt as though I could hold the 6:40 pace for a longer time, but I had to stop.  One of these days my miles will all be comfortable at the lower end of the 7's!

I had texted my best friend to see if she was available to lift with me and it turns out she was already there. So we did our chest/tri workout while catching up on glamorous girl talk, like veins popping out of our necks.

I had to rush in the locker room to get back into normal people clothing. I feel as though I have to take pictures every time I'm not in pjs or sweaty gym attire because it's so incredibly rare.

Boyfriend had gone to his grandma's house to help in the garden and returned home with this, which was eaten in approximately 4.3 seconds.

I knew I kept him around for a reason. Dinner was also brought to me by the letter B. Yes, his name starts with a B which is why it's so easy to write 'boyfriend' all of the time.

He made the delicious burgers and I made the home fries (regular and sweet potatoes). I pulled something that I thought was an apple pie out of the freezer to make for dessert, but it turned out to be just frozen apples which pretty much dashed all of my hopes and dreams and I was forced to eat dark chocolate instead. 

Tomorrow in class we get to learn how to change a diaper. The nurse said she's getting creative to make it as real as possible. The thought of that is going to make it really easy to get out of bed in the morning.

What do you do with your sweaty clothes?
How often do you wear normal attire?


  1. Work seminars on safety are the weirdest time wasters. I had to watch a video on how NOT to climb on a chair and stand on tiptoe to attach things to the ceiling. But people are so sue-happy, I guess employers just want to cover their asses!

  2. I wish we had a class like that! I know it sounds weird... but when I was student teaching last summer we had 3-4 students who wore diapers. I was not allowed to do it or help lift because I wasn't properly trained so I have no idea how to do any of that, especially for a 5-6 year old student!!!

    And you should have totally done a post about sweaty clothes!!!