Sunday, January 13, 2013


Sundays have become family day.  We have done Sunday dinners at my dad's house every Sunday since I moved back from Santa Barbara.  It has become something that I really look forward to and it's very special to me.  I enjoy my family so much.  I see my mom and eat dinner with her pretty much every single day, so it's really nice to spend some with Dad.

Last week, Benjamin spent a long time with his mother.  They decided that it was really nice to see each other and so a weekly brunch has begun.  So, we get fed all day and we get to spend time with parents we don't see as often, but absolutely adore.  I've always liked Sundays, but this makes them even better.

So, we had a delicious fritatta for breakfast along with lots of much needed coffee and a movie.  The sun was shining again, but it wasn't more than 40 degrees outside, so it was a good day to stay inside cuddled up.

Our coffee cups.

Light shining through the windows, but warm inside.

Sunday's have also seem to become my awesome workout partner and my day to run together.  Last Sunday we did 5 miles and today we said we were going to do 6.  I was feeling so sluggish and tired and was really hoping she would cancel.  But she's as hardcore as I am, and I ended up at her house around 3:30, ready to run up and down some hills.  The race we are participating in has a few hill climbs, so we've got to start training for those.  We ran up some big hills and conquered our 6 miles, even though we both really didn't want to start.  By the end of it, she was a few feet in front of me because I had to slow down.  She's awesome.  I am so, so grateful for her in my life.  We met in our circuit class at the gym and instantly got along.  I admire her dedication and her will to keep moving.  If she keeps moving, I keep moving.  Plus, she's a really amazing human being and one of the kindest people I know.  

The view from atop one of our hills.  Taken while we were catching our breath.

After that, I raced home, showered, and went to my next meal.  Dad aways surprises me with what he's making.  He likes to try new recipes and they always turn out amazing.  I typically drink green tea and read the paper and chat while he is a busy bee in the kitchen.  Tonight was no different.  The boys played ping pong and I enjoyed some quiet.  We also had fruit and whipped cream for dessert, which was so awesome after the run.  Anyone who knows me, knows my love and admiration for whipped cream.

Green tea and the paper.

Boy in his normal state.

Now boy and I are relaxing and watching TV shows before I fall asleep and begin my busy week all over again.  Weekends go so fast, but luckily, so do the weeks.  It will be Friday before I know it.

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  1. Yay! Love running with you :) I'm getting you to run the Foggy Bottom :)