Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day Off

I told myself I would take the day off today from anything hardcore physical.  I have gone really hard since before the first of the year, which is never great for your body.  Now I am paying for it with this obnoxious cold thing I have.  My body is working extremely hard to rid itself of the nasty stuff, which is resulting in HUGE glands which hurt and clog up my ear.  I also have absolutely no energy.

The morning began with a lovely breakfast out with my friend and her husband and the boy.  I should not have gone out and spread my germs everywhere, but the thought of making breakfast was daunting.  It was wonderful to catch up with them and we had some good laughs.  I also had a delicious breakfast.

Breakfast: Two eggs over easy, 4 chicken apple sausages, homemade applesauce.  I try not to eat potatoes, so I had a few bites of those.

After breakfast, I knew I couldn't sit around all day.  I just can't without feeling horrible about myself and getting antsy.  So, I made boy go to the same spot we did last week for a walk.  He brought his long board and I brought Moe and we walked the entire trail, which is only three miles, but at least I was able to move my body without stressing it out.  Plus, it was gorgeous outside and I would not have been able to sit in my dark room all day without feeling somewhat depressed.  Plus I got to practice my nonexistent longboarding skills.  

There he goes!

The Moe Moe is such a trooper

Trying not to kill myself.

Pro status.

When we were through with our walk, we went to the natural food store and stocked up on vitamin C and fruit.  I bought lots of oranges for and extra vitamin C boost, blueberries, and some green tea.  I would really like to be healthy by tomorrow so I can do something a little more physically demanding than a 35 minute walk (buuuuut it counts in my 365 days of fitness!).

I decided to try a recipe I found on a Paleo website a couple of days ago that is basically just egg, cocoa powder, shredded coconut, and blueberries baked in the oven.  They were incredibly simple and actually quite tasty.  My mom hated them, she said they tasted like "caca."  But she definitely eats more sugar than I do and I eat a lot more eggs than her.  I have cocoa powder and eggs and blueberries in my smoothie every morning, so this was basically just baking my smoothie!  

This is the finished product.

Ate one with my green tea.

After that, I finally willed myself to lay down and watch the latest episode of Suits with the boy.  When that was over, I got up again and we worked on the annoying puzzle we started a couple of weeks ago but haven't finished because it's really hard.  Like, incredibly complex.  But, it's something that we actually do TOGETHER.  Most of the time we are sitting on our computers or playing on our phones in each other's presence, but we aren't actually paying attention to one another.  In this day in age, it's so hard to just BE.  That's what I loved about visting the San Juan Islands last summer (among many, many other reasons).  My phone didn't work and internet was limited, so I was forced to just be and exist and listen to people.  It was beautiful.  It's alway fantastic when we just give each other one on one, undevided attention.

My mom had invited some good friends over for dinner and game night.  So I put on my Saturday best (pj pants and a hoodie), and was as social as I could be.  We ended up having DELICIOUS homemade Thai food and playing two games.  It was way past my bedtime by 9, but I stuck it out to be polite through the last game that finally ended at 10:30.

This was a good game.

So, here it is, 11:30 and I'm still awake.  The cold gets worse at night, so I'm feeling extra horrible.  My day off didn't end up being too much of a day off, but it was as much as I could handle.  I hope I wake up magically better so I can run or lift or do anything that doesn't involve sitting around all day eating.  

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