Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Finally Friday

I shouldn't actually title this post It's FINALLY Friday.  I should name it, 'Is it ACTUALLY Friday?'  Some time in the last few years (it seems since I graduated from college), the weeks have been going so fast!  It seems like the kids just came back to school and now we are already in the second week of January?!  And it's over already?  It will be June before I know it and then I don't know what I am doing with my life.  This terrifies me, but I know that it will have something to do with furthering my education and getting my teaching credential, so that is really exciting.

I really have been feeling like I need to travel lately.  I am not tied down by a career or children yet, so it is really a perfect time in my life.  I have spent time in other places, but I have barely even touched most of this world.  I feel like I am wasting precious moments holed up in my room on my computer.  I think it is a quarter-life crisis.  I've started saving money, but I have a feeling a lot of that will go to schooling to get me a job that will give me money that I can then save to travel.

I am always exhausted on Fridays after working all week, and this Friday was no different.  I could have just taken Milo for a walk and called it good for my fitness for the day, but last night the boy asked if I would work out with him this afternoon and my jaw dropped to the floor.  I practically have to get on my knees and BEG him to work out with me and the answer is usually no because I ask him while he is in a groggy state in the morning, but Monday he spent 45 minutes lifting with me and the next day he couldn't walk.  I think that made him think twice about his fitness level.  He is one of the lucky genetic freaks who has big muscles even though he eats lots of candy and sits around a lot.

So anyway, I got home and could hardly keep my eyes open.  But, I got out some workout clothes and stripped the nine layers that I wear to work to keep warm and began my workout.  After 5 minutes, I felt totally fine and ready to kick butt.  My brother even came out of his room to join us.  I was really the only one doing any sort of REAL workout, but it was nice having them in the room with me to keep me occupied.

Taking a picture during a rest period.

It felt good to know that I completed a workout even though I was so tired.  It makes me think that I really can do this 365 day challenge.  Eleven days down.  Only 354 to go!

Showing off my baby biceps after leg day on Wednesday.

Now I am already in my pjs and under the covers on the couch.  Boy has been asking if I would go out with him tonight, but Fridays I never have the energy to put make up on and go out and see people.  My idea of the perfect Friday night is laying in bed watching TV shows or a movie and passing out before 10:30.  I am such a grandma.  

I obviously took this photo on Wednesday, but I've been keeping a log on my calendar.  It keeps me motivated.

What I look like after running 7 miles.

Boys will be boys.

Actually doing work.

My baby, Milo.

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