Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A short post.

Nothing too overly exciting happened today.  It was raining, so we stayed inside most of the day at work.  It seems that literally everyone is sick.  Either out with the nasty flu that's going around or coughing and sneezing and having a stuffy nose.  I've been blowing some lovely dark yellow stuff out of my nose all day today, which makes me think maybe I have a sinus infection.  I've never had one before, but all of the google searches I've done (yes, I googled it) have said that this is a sign of a sinus infection.  I also had a terrible headache this morning, but it went away.  It came back this evening while I was exercising, so I figured I was dehydrated.  I've drank tons of water and it still hasn't gone away.   I like to just wait things out because I don't enjoy going to the doctor.  I don't have a GP, which makes things even more annoying since I have to go to a clinic and I've never had a very good time at the clinic.

I had promised that I would actually go to the gym today.  I've gotten into such a routine of coming home and beginning my work out that I had about an hour and a half on my hands that I didn't know what to do with.  So, I made a snack and sat down at my computer to try and figure out my transcript situation and work on my application.

My delicious snack.

Everyone at the gym about had a heart attack that I was back.  I really, really love my circuit class.  It felt like home, like I hadn't missed a single day.  I love the motivation from the other people and I love the trainer.  I began this class at the competing gym across town, but the trainer switched jobs and basically her entire class followed her.  We are very loyal.  My workout partner and I were both wearing purple as well as the trainer, so we all matched.  It was adorable.  I definitely missed having my butt kicked.  

Back at it.

We all matched.  So cute.

I came home to a delicious dinner of cheesy chicken casserole.  My family and I have been obsessed with cheese, so I picked out this recipe.  It's chicken, greek yogurt, beans, canned chilies, and rice.  And of course, cheese.  It was so, so good.  I have the appetite of a 200 pound man this week for some reason.  I just want to eat and eat and eat.  So I've been trying to snack on lots of veggies.  It gives me that crunch that I need.  I made a huge salad to go along with the casserole and munched on about 300 green beans while I was chopping veggies.

So good.

My plate.

After dinner I checked my email because I am waiting for a reply from the college and I saw that I had received an email from the gym telling me that they had not seen me in awhile and wanted to keep me motivated with my fitness goals.  I thought this was both ironic (because I had just come home from the gym) and hilarious (because I have worked out every single day for almost a month.  Thank you, gym, for the helpful tips to keep me on track.  I am so glad they think I'm lazy simply because I haven't gone to the gym.

The email.

Hopefully by tomorrow, my headache will have disappeared.  I am planning on running for an hour again since I haven't ran since Sunday.  It's already almost Thursday.  Boy comes home from work tomorrow and I will be going to a knitting class with his mom.  I am such an old lady, but I have no shame.

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