Sunday, January 27, 2013

No Sleep Saturday and Sunday

So, after posting on Friday, I went back out and got into a better mood.  I ended up being awake until 2:30, meaning I had been awake for 20 hours with a heavy workout included.  I was so tired, I was out cold.  Unfortunately, I had to be up at 8 because I had to be at the college by 9:30 to take a test prep class.  I am so nervous about this test.  It's incredibly expensive, so I would rather not take it more than once.  But there is so much covered on it that it's hard to know if I will pass in one go.  So, I trudged my tired butt there and I actually feel a little better about the test now that I know what to expect.

After that, I had told my beautiful friend that I would help her move some stuff.  A bunch of heavy lifting later, we had packed up a lot of it and transfered it to her new place.  I hadn't seen her in several months and it was nice to catch up.  She's one of those friends I can go a year without seeing and we can pick up right where we left off.  She's simply an amazing soul.

I left and finally got home around 3:30.  I debated whether or not to go for a run.  I hadn't done any actual "exercise," unless you count walking around campus and helping her move.  But, I just could not bring myself to go, so I laid down and slept for an hour instead.  It was the best choice I've made in a long time.  My body is so run down, I needed a break from actual exercise.

The boy had bought me tickets to see the band Slightly Stoopid for my birthday back in December.  We both love this band.  I used to listen to them over and over again in Santa Barbara, so their music brings back a lot of memories.  So, I ate dinner, got ready, and we left.

After an hour drive and standing in the cold making new friends, we were finally inside.  This is where I was extra glad I hadn't ran because I immediately began dancing and didn't stop for four hours.  This counts as my 30 minutes of fitness for the day.  We right up front, touching the stage.  At most concerts I've been to that you can choose where you stay, I've been at the front.  I am such a huge fan of concerts and dancing like a fool, that I really immerse myself into the whole thing.  I'm exhausted by the end of it because I am such an introvert, but for the hours that I am experiencing the live music, I'm an extrovert.  Boy and I danced and danced and screamed the lyrics and had a fantastic time, just the two of us.  It's really hard sometimes when we don't see each other for several days and then we both go off to do our own thing (he's started getting really into jiu jitsu and yesterday was his brother's birthday, so he spent all day with him).  It sometimes feels like we rarely actually spend time together.  So this was really special.  I even got a pick off of the stage for my brother, who plays guitar.  At the end of the concert, the band members came out to thank everyone and we had a nice conversation with the lead guitarist.  I like performers who appreciate and recognize their fans.  If it weren't for us, they would be nowhere, so it's always great when they come and hang out with the crowd afterward.

Such a good spot.

Us dancing.

So good.

I like how normal they look.

The concert got over at 12:30 and we still had an hour long car ride home.  I think I fell asleep 10 minutes in and was out like a light the entire ride home.  I crawled into bed at 2 again and fell asleep.  I had to be up at 8:30 to meet my lovely running partner at our gym to go for our 7 mile run.  I actually got out of bed feeing totally refreshed.  I even dreamed and remembered it.  We went for our run and it was sunny and beautiful the entire time.  It was a really great run for me.  I felt energized the whole time, but as soon as it was over and I sat in my car to go home, I was hit by a wave of total exhaustion that has stayed the rest of the day.

I got home, showered, and headed to boy's mom's house for brunch where we feasted on delicious frittata, brussels sprouts (my favorite, I kid you not), and guacamole.  After that run, it was an amazing meal.  We watched a movie and his mom and I knitted while the boys actually payed attention.  

My meal.

We came home and I planned the weeks meals before heading off to my dad's house for dinner.  He made wonderful individual meatloafs with preccuito on top, broccoli, a salad, a spaghetti squash.  I ate way, way, way too much and I am still feeling the effects of it 2 hours later.  He helped me with some of my application and then we left.  

Dad in his natural habitat.

Now it's off to dreamland for me.  I am sure I will fall asleep as soon as the light is out, just to wake up far too soon and begin my week all over again.  All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.

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