Friday, January 25, 2013


Friday came so fast this week.  Only working 4 days (3 with kids) will make that happen.  It also rained.  So we were inside all day.

I was going to go to the gym after work, but then I realized I didn't have any headphones which are a must if I am going to workout at the gym.  So I went to the store and then went home to do back and biceps.  I love back and bicep day.  Moe helped me work out today.  He's such a good dog.  Little dogs are usually really picky about who they like, but he will literally love anyone if they pet him.  He also only barks when people walk into the house.  I will literally forget about him for hours when he's outside because he doesn't make a sound.

Moe likes to pump iron.

Best part of working out at home.  No shoes.

Today's workout.

Tonight, I picked up a roasted chicken because I was way too lazy to actually cook.  I did chop up some veggies to roast and made a salad because I have been on a huge vegetable kick.  I think it's my body wanting vitamins.  I swear I am fighting off the flu.  It's really going around work and it's hitting people hard.  I've been so tired and just lathargic and boring lately.  I literally just want to lay in bed and sleep.  But I haven't gotten the chills and the fever.  So I think my body is fighting super hard to stay healthy.  I need to be nicer to my body.  It has been really nice to me.

Tonight's meal.

Tonight's meal on my plate.

My brother decided to have people over at my dad's house tonight, so that is currently where I am.  Since I am feeling so not social and so tired and I have to be up at 8 tomorrow morning for a workshop about the test I have to take in a few months for my application, I am holed up in a room.  I was social for about 3 hours.  I am also the oldest person here by about 3.5 years.  I feel like such an old, boring lady.  My mood is pretty terrible right now.  I probably shouldn't be blogging.  I'm not my normal, optimistic, happy self at the moment.  I don't like it.

The children playing King's Cup.

So now, my grandma butt is going to crawl into bed and hope that in the morning I am in a better mood.

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