Thursday, January 17, 2013

Not Too Much To Say

I very much enjoy blogging.  I look forward to getting into bed at night and writing about my day.  But I've realized that most of my days are much like every other day and that may get boring to read.  I have many topics floating around in my head to write about and maybe some day soon I will write about them.  But today is not that day, not when I am so tired I could fall asleep this moment, in the middle of typing.

My nose is still a little clogged.  I've been blowing it so much it's beginning to get raw underneath my nostrils.  Thank you very much, cheap kleenex at work.  It was FREEZING today.  I wear so many layers to work that I look about 20 pounds heavier than I actually am.  Today I was wearing my leggings, wool socks, jeans, tight thermal black shirt, two other long sleeve shirts, a hoodie, and a Columbia jacket.  When we go outside, I put on gloves and a hat.  And I was still doing squats and butt kicks to keep warm.  Luckily, I get to do plenty of walking, but it was so brisk I could hardly move.

This made getting home to a freezing cold house and stripping layers incredibly hard.  If I wasn't trying so hard to do this 365 day challenge, today would have been a crawl in bed with tea and my computer type of day.  But, I really, really want to complete this.  I am horrible at completing things I start.  I've tried to learn the guitar, started crocheting hats, started knitting a scarf, ect.  The only things I have actually completed have had to do with exercise (I completed a 100 day burpee challenge back in July. Worst. Idea. Ever.).  I think this is because I like to challenge myself and see where my body can take me.  I distracted myself by checking on the mushrooms.  They had nearly doubled in size from last night, so I was pretty excited.

They don't look like they're supposed to, but at least there is something coming out of the package.

Finally, I stripped down, turned on the heater, got into work out attire, and went for it.  I was dripping with sweat within 20 minutes.  Today, I decided to write down what I was doing.  I kept track of my work out routine religiously last year from November until February.  But then my life got all jumbled up and I stopped caring a whole lot about lifting and numbers.  But today I wanted to keep track of the amount of exercises I was doing, not so much the weight I was lifting.  I did back and biceps since my legs have had quite a bit of exercise with the circuits I did on Tuesday with my cousin and the 7 mile run yesterday.

Super sets are my friend.

Once that was over with, I drank my protein shake in record time and hopped in my much desired warm shower.  I was probably in there for 25 minutes trying to take the chill off.  I dried off and got into some comfy pjs and prepared dinner.  I had invited Milo's daddy over to eat with us.  It's nice that we can still be friends.  After 6 years together, we shouldn't be anything but.  It just feels comfortable to be able to talk to a person who knows me inside and out and we don't have to try around each other.  He will probably always be my best friend.  And that's nice to know.

I also got to see my baby!

I have been experimenting with different recipes and tonight was lemon chicken with green beans and sweet potatoes.  I had an appetite today.  I ate way more than I should have before dinner, but that's okay, my body was telling me I needed calories.  Probably because I didn't eat too much yesterday, so it was trying to make up for it.

In the dish.  The bottom is coated with lemons.

Finished product on the plate with a salad.

Most of what I ate today was protein and vegetables.  As soon as I ate some nuts, I started to feel full and happy.  Then after I ate the chicken which was cooked in lots of olive oil, I FINALLY felt full.  There is something to be said about eating fat.  It definitely keeps you full.  But, unfortunately, I have a massive sweet tooth and picked at some pumpkin pie and had chocolate chips.  We only have one life to live, I might as well enjoy it without the stress of worrying about whether or not I ate too many carbs.  

After dinner, Jed and I hung out and talked some more.  Then he went home and I immediately brushed my teeth and got into bed to blog.  I did stop by the mushrooms on the way to the bathroom, just to look at them and they had gotten even BIGGER.  I am going to be sad when boy comes home and picks them, but they are going to be delicious.  

Almost doubled in size in a few hours.

Now, I am off to dream land after an episode of Grey's Anatomy.  Tomorrow is Friday.  Boy gets home and I get a three day weekend.  So much to look forward to!

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