Thursday, June 6, 2013

So Sore

That workout that I did yesterday absolutely killed me.  Which is interesting because the entire time I was doing it I was wondering if I was even working hard enough.  Well, the fact that I had to waddle around work today proved that I was, in fact, working hard enough.  Since I work out every day, I rarely get DOMS anymore, so I kind of love it when I do.

Other than waddling around campus, work was great.  One of the students graduated (they graduate when they are 22, so they are with us for a very long time.  Graduations are bittersweet.) and we had a party.  Even though I had never worked with this student, it was still a good time.  The sun even came out at the perfect moment and it was probably in the high 60s.  Which led me to the decision that I would just go home and workout instead of spending time in the '90s.  Well, when I finally got home (the drive is 20 minutes one way), it was foggy and cold.  I still strapped on my running shoes and tried to shake out the soreness in my legs while my Garmin was trying to find its satellite.

I got a new PR on my 5k time.  I was pretty excited, considering from the moment my ran began I felt like my legs were disconnected from my body.  I even had this really strange moment at the beginning that I had to remind myself that I was running and I probably should pay attention so that I didn't trip and fall.  I'm also really bored with my 5k run around the neighborhood.  I know exactly where the uphill parts are and I dread them.  I guess that makes me push harder through the hills (term is used lightly, more like gradual grade that isn't flat).  

When I got home, I did my shoulder routine.  My 4 minute plank yesterday killed my shoulders, so this workout felt really tedious.  I was also hungry, so all I could think about was food.  Sometimes, workouts are hard.

One of my very best friends from high school moved home for the summer.  Some jerk completely broke her heart, so she moved home after living in Portland for 2 years.  This is really exciting news because I have missed her greatly.  She came over when I was finished working out along with my other best friend (we were a trio in high school).  

This is a very old picture from when she still lived here and we spent several hours each day giggling in her apartment.

Another old one.  We were "studying."

We laughed til we cried, as usual.  We also ate, as usual.  I am so happy to have her home.

My delicious Mexican dinner.

Some exciting news: it seems I have convinced the boyfriend to run a race with me!  I think I am corrupting him.  I told him I wanted to run a 5k race just to see how hard I could push myself and asked if he would run one with me.

I think he loves me or something.  He's working a 96 hour shift this week, so he won't be getting off work until SATURDAY morning.  It feels so long.


  1. I love that I totally know what DOMS is!
    The hubs always talks about DOMS especially with my bestie because she always gets DOMS!

    Last night JG was complaining about his arms being sore from working out on Wednesday, and I said "oh you have DOMS." And he said "I am so happy that you actually remember what I say." Well, yeah I listen to you about 20% of the time hahaha!!

    I also get bored very easily with some of my routes, so the other day I did my route "backwards" and it was a lot of fun!! Maybe, give it a try??

    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Okay, you're smart! I never even THOUGHT to run it backward. Duh! :-D Thank you so much! Also, you and your husband sound like me and my boyfriend, except he talks nerd talk about video games.