Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Worst Night of Sleep

Sunday afternoon, but brother was expecting a friend to fly in from the East Coast. Well, she made it to San Francisco. Our airport consists of ONE gate and three flights in daily. Well, the first two were cancelled for some unknown reason and the third was delayed until 11:30pm. The poor girl had been at SFO since 12. Around 10, my brother waltzes into my room and asks the boyfriend if he wants to drive him to San Francisco to pick her up. A four hour drive.

Boyfriend is totally used to the drive because he does it often in the middle of the night in the ambulance while transferring patients. This did not keep me from sleeping terribly all night envisioning my brother (also my best friend) and boyfriend flying off a cliff to their deaths. They made it home with the friend in tow around 8, right when I was getting up (certainly not waking up since I was a nervous wreck all night) to go to the gym. So this resulted in a slow run.

Then the best friend and I worked out our back, all while I was trying to keep my eyes open.

I finished off the gym sesh with a 2:30 plank and some ab work. 

The rest of Monday was completely uneventful because we were all exhausted from the night before. The boyfriend and I did manage to meet a couple of friends at the movies to see World War Z. 

My mom's birthday is tomorrow and since we are going out into nature where technology doesn't work, we had her open her present early.

It's an iPad that she can use in her classroom. She went to a training and was upset she didn't win the iPad give away at the end, so we pitched in to get her one.

The boyfriend and I passed out around 10, which is normal for me, but extra early for him. Milo spent the day looking cute.

For some reason, the second day after a bad night's sleep, I am more tired than the previous day, so 8am came really fast. I'm dedicated to my gym habits, however, and made it there in time to get the good treadmill at the end with the TV that actually works.

Today was chest/tricep day. The best part about working out with a best friend is that it's easy to forget that you're actually working out. We are constantly laughing and joking.

The rest of today has been spent completely avoiding reading the book for school. I received an email on Sunday reminding us that school starts on July 1st, like we forgot, and that we have to not only read chapter 1, but 4 and 5 as well... I can't wait until the semester actually starts..... So, as any good student does, I find every way I possibly can to avoid doing school work. Like forcing Milo to take pictures with me.

And taking the dogs on extra long walks with the boyfriend. And receiving texts from my cousin with the most awesome pictures of us when we were little.

I'm bringing those jeans back, by the way. Be on the lookout at the next runway show. 

Tomorrow we leave for the place we call The Orchard. I grew up spending summers there. It's no longer an orchard, but the name stuck. There's no cell reception and it's completely off the grid. It's really nice to disappear for the day.

Last year at the Orchard.  We have to find ways to entertain ourselves.

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  1. 1. Happy Birthday to your Mom!
    2. Girl, you are a beast! 4 miles in about 32 minutes or so....that is awesome!!!

    Have a good day!!!