Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Great Outdoors

About 85% of today has been spent outdoors, which is absolutely awesome.  Especially compared to yesterday.

As you can see, I ran 4 miles.  It was about 75 degrees outside, which meant it was about 95 degrees inside the gym.  It was so stuffy and hard to breathe.  I'm pretty sure air conditioners weren't invented in 1992, so of course the gym simply has tiny little fans blowing in random directions that aren't actually pointed at you.  It was leg day and I hit a major wall about 3 exercises in.  I had left my water bottle in the car, so I had to drink out of the lukewarm water fountain, which did not help anything.

Tried to get the massive amount of sweat pouring from me.  That shirt was dark blue by the end.

I came home and hung out with my best friends for the rest of the night.  We went to Pho because it has been way too long since I've had any.  It was a perfect Friday night.

This morning, I woke up early because I had to be at the local park by 9am for the bootcamp class I signed up for on Monday.  I've been majorly slacking on going to my circuit class, so I told my trainer friend I would be there today.  I am so glad I did.  The weather was perfect and the class was supposed to be an hour but ended up being an hour and 45 minutes.  We warmed up, did 6 sets of tabatas, ran a loop around the duck pond that had breaks involved for us to do dynamic squats, frog jumps up a massive hill (that murdered my legs), and burpees.  After the run we did ANOTHER round of 5 different tabatas, then a group exercise before finally cooling down.  It was definitely killer, but my kind of workout.

Finally done!

The group.

I had several missed calls from my friends who thought the class was only going to be an hour.  We had plans to go to the river, so I rushed home, ate my smoothie, and immediately headed out to the river.  It was about 100 degrees and way too hot to just lay out, so I spent most of my time swimming up stream and floating back down.  One of my best friends is pregnant and is already extra hot all of the time, so we left after about an hour and a half.  It was a good amount of time.  My skin didn't boil.

Boyfriend finally got off of work this morning, so he came with us.

When we got home, we showered and I immediately put on sweats.  Boyfriend then informed me that we were going to play discgolf, so I quickly downed food before heading to one of our many local courses.  Discgolf is a huge sport around here, but I don't really get it, so I just stand around and chuck the frisbee as far as I can.

I also sneak off behind bushes so that the boys can't see me taking pictures of myself because I'm so bored.

The boys, however, take it super seriously.  They know which discs are the putters, which ones are the drivers, and so on.  My brother even carries a towel around with him.  I made a comment about how he's pro status, and he said that he's not because he doesn't carry a bag or a chair for his bag.  Um?  A chair?  For your BAG?  I don't get this game at all.

It's too bad the course was so ugly and hard to look at.  I definitely didn't enjoy my time at all.  Oh wait.  It was actually beautiful.

I drove over that bridge in the distance for work every single day for 5 years.  Oh nostalgia...

We came home and I was hungry, as usual.  Apparently my best friend's mom asked her the other day if I have an eating disorder.  She told her that I, in fact, eat A LOT, I just run a lot too.  So that was awkward.  For dinner, I made myself a random plate that actually turned out great.  Leftover turkey from last night, two eggs, cheese, avocado, carrots, and bell pepper.  So much protein.  I shouldn't be hungry for awhile.

Now I am going to lay in my bed because I am incredibly tired from all of the vitamin D I got today.  Sometimes, we just need to be outside in nature.

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  1. I love being outside!!!
    I think I need to come live in Cali!!! It always looks so beautiful there!!