Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunny Sunday and Runner Problems

Last night, after I blogged, I did not, in fact, get into bed.  Boyfriend DID take me to froyo before we went north to hang out with our friends and play Mario Kart.  I'm incredibly horrible at any and all videogames, but I do enjoy playing Mario Kart.  I came in last every single time.  It was fun.  She braided my hair for me in a fishtail which I cannot figure out how to do to save my life.

We finally got home around 1:30am where I proceeded to pass out immediately.  The sun really wears me out.  So does staying up until the wee hours of the morning.  I woke up at 7:45 this morning and thought for 2 seconds about getting my long run out of the way.  That thought was demolished when I fell back to sleep until ELEVEN!  I could not believe that I slept that long.  We are supposed to be down at boyfriend's mom's house at 11, so we jumped out of bed and made our way down there.  We had fresh sugar snap peas straight from his grandma's garden to munch on while we waited for brunch to be ready.  Those taste like a dream.

Finally brunch was ready and I stuffed my face with delicious eggs, sausage, and fruit.

When we were finished sitting around digesting chatting with each other, boyfriend got into his chimney sweep persona and cleaned out his grandma's chimney.  I don't think there is anything he can't do.  Last week he was a tree trimmer, this week cleaning out chimneys.  I guess he can't keep up with me while running, so there's that.

While he was doing that, his mom and I chopped the wood from last weekend into kindling.  This was actually a lot more work than it sounds like.  Thank goodness the weather was perfect and I got a lot of vitamin D.

Then we rushed home so that I could fit my long run in.  I was hoping to get 10 miles in again, but by the time I got to my dad's, it was already almost 5 and dinner is at 6:15ish every weekend, so I only had time for 9.2 miles.  I guess I just need to get speedier.  There was a little fiasco while I was running when boyfriend tried to be noble and wipe up the treadmill because my water bottle had leaked but he ended up knocking out the key that makes it go.  I was at 7.7 miles at that point and had a mild freak out.  I continued on until my dad came in a yelled at me that dinner was ready and that I really needed to stop.  I only got about 1.5 more miles after the little fiasco.

First world problem.

The only reason I chose the treadmill today was because I knew dinner would be ready in the middle of my run.  It was a fairly good run and I felt really good.  I felt even better when dinner was ready for me immediately.

In other news, in true runner fashion, I had a toenail come off this afternoon.

I now have 9 toenails, working on having only 8.  If you notice that middle toenail is totally gross and also about to fall off.  I have lost several toenails in the past and I feel as though it's a rite of passage into being a runner.  Runner problems are pretty gross sometimes.  

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  1. OMgosh, that picture freaked me out!
    I am scared for the day my toenail comes off!!