Saturday, June 1, 2013


My Dad and Mom Regular readers might remember last month when I got to ALMOST 100 miles.  Well, this month, I did it!  After my 9 mile run on Wednesday, I realized just how little I had to run to make it to 100, with only two days left in the month (okay, it was another 9 miles...).  But I'm insane dedicated and made sure to run enough to get to 100 miles in the month of May.

Yesterday, after work (where we field tripped to the main campus for a dance which was the funnest/most amazing thing I've ever experienced.  Those kids were SO happy!), I knew I had a little less than 5 miles to run to get to 100.  So, I hopped on the treadmill and did 3.5.  Okay, that's a lie.  I did 3.1 before the treadmill locked up on me and told me that I was banned from using it?!  Seriously, it said that.  So I got on another treadmill to finish the .4 miles I had to go.  During that time I had been texting the boyfriend who wanted to try out his new headphones while running, so I told him I just had a little under 2 miles to go to get to 100 miles this month and we could run around the park when I was done lifting.  Lifting weights is still my first love.

The boyfriend forced me to stand in the freezing wind while he messed with his headphones.

One lap around the park is almost 1 mile, so I told me we only had to do 2 laps, which made him happy since he's not really much of a runner.  I also got to use my Garmin for the first time, which I felt was appropriate since I was completing a pretty big goal of mine.  I started the watch and took off at a 7:25 minute mile pace for the first mile.  The second one was a little slower since I kept turning around and running back to the boyfriend.  All of the speed work I've been doing on the treadmill has been paying off.  Unfortunately, this means the boyfriend is always about a minute behind me.  I was feeling great though, and really wanted to get those 2 miles done.

First run with my precious and 100 miles complete.  With a redwood in the background.

Finished 100 miles!

Then we came home and I forced asked the boyfriend nicely to make me dinner before I had to run off again to babysit.  The child I babysit is seriously one of the best behaved, smartest kids I've ever had a the pleasure of hanging out with.  We watched four episodes of Speed Racer (which I did not realize was a cartoon from the 60's) while eating gelato from our local gelato store.  Then we did a 100 piece puzzle that he kicked my butt at because I am terrible at even the easiest puzzles before reading him 5 books and falling asleep.  I was severely dehydrated the whole time and was feeling really, really weird.  I thought I might throw up all over the kid, so I didn't realize that I needed to drink water.  When I got home, I flopped into bed and the boyfriend made me drink a gallon of water.  I felt better almost instantly.

Boyfriend made me dinner.

My night.

This morning I woke up and did laundry, because that's the best way to spend Saturday morning.  I also met my mom at Costco to stock up on fruit and gasoline.  When I got home I was itching for a run, so I forced the boyfriend to run a "slow, easy run" with me.  Well, my slow easy pace ended up being about a minute faster than his slow easy pace and I ended up losing him.  Literally.  One minute he was behind me and the next he disappeared.  So, I kept going and assumed he had went home.  Girlfriend of the year award right here.

That was slow and easy for me...

"Where did you go?!?" -Me "Why do you force me to run and then leave me?!" -Him

Then we met my dad at our local country club for lunch.

Now we are about to head off to our monthly event called Art's Alive where stores have live music and free food and local artwork.  It's a fun way to spend the first weekend of each month.


  1. Yay for 100 miles!!!!
    That is so awesome!!!
    I may have to start this challenge!
    That would be so cool to say at the end of the year that you ran "1200" miles!!! :) :)

    I bought the June issue of Runner's World yesterday and the back cover has the purple Garmin. I was telling the hubs that this purple Garmin is out to get me and then I was telling him how you just got one! Lucky girl :)

    Btw - you are fast woman!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!!

  2. I bet the pink Garmin is super adorable too! I am so obsessed right now. I want to go for a long run with it tomorrow just to use it, but it's looking as though it might storm. I'm a pansy when it comes to running outside in real weather. So I may have to stick to the treadmill.

    You should totally do it. Who knows if I will get to 100 this month, but I HAD to last month because I didn't make it in April.