Thursday, May 30, 2013

Being Home

Coming home from vacation is always kind of a slap in the face.  I have to come back to real life and do real work and get back into a routine.  As I am a routine person, I secretly was kind of glad to be back at work and the gym.  The gym especially.  Since the exercise thing was sort of lacking down south (I did manage to embarrass the boyfriend when I pulled out my kettlebells and did a few sets at each gas station we stopped at on Monday...), I was feeling extra good during my 4 mile run and my back routine on Tuesday.

I immediately went to my dad's house afterward to hang out with the sister and her brand new husband who had driven up for their honeymoon on Saturday.  It's always so fantastic having them home.  They were here looking for houses!  I seriously cannot wait until she's here all of the time.  We might have gone on a date to froyo with my other best friend making it the third day in a row I had froyo.  My life is hard.

Wednesday I decided just to head to my dad's house to do a long run because I didn't get to on Sunday.  It has been raining and yucky outside, so I chose the treadmill.  I said to myself that I only had to do 7 miles.  Well, I ended up doing 9.  It felt so good.  It's amazing what taking a few days off does to your body.

Then I went inside and did some ab work and stretched before laying on the couch with the sister and her husband while my brother watched soccer and we waited for my dad to make dinner.  It was gluten free spaghetti followed up with fruit and 10 lbs of whipped cream, of course.  Perfect refuel food.

The most exciting part about being home is that my anniversary present was waiting for me!  I am so, so excited about it and I cannot wait to get outside and use it.  Are you ready?!

That's right!  I am now the proud owner of a Garmin!  Now I don't have to lug my large phone in my hand to check my pace/distance/anything.  I'm still going to have to carry it with me since that's how I listen to music, but I don't have to hold it in my hand.  My boyfriend is the best ever.

Today I knocked out another 4 miles (not outside, unfortunately) before doing deadlifts and my shoulder routine.  My days are all off because of vacation, but I like switching it up.  I am looking for a new weightlifting routine to begin following soon.  I am scared that with school starting, I will have a hard time fitting exercise into my schedule.  I am thinking I will probably have to become familiar with the morning exercisers.  Exercising is my drug, my passion, my therapy.  I simply cannot go more than one or two days without it because I turn into a complete grump, being super mean to everyone who gets in my way.

Another great thing about being home; cuddling with this guy.

I missed him greatly.

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  1. OMG!!!!!!
    What an awesome anniversary present!
    I want the purple Garmin so bad but I do love my pink one!!!!
    I hope you LOVE your Garmin! It is an awesome tool for running!!!!!!!