Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gym Rat

I will admit it.  I am a total gym rat.  I love the atmosphere.  Everyone is there working toward a goal to be a healthier version of themselves.  I feel like I am in my element at the gym.  I've never been really good at anything, just simply mediocre, but I feel like I am good at the gym.  I plug in my headphones and take off doing my thing.  I actually get excited to go to the gym because it helps me let off steam and have ME time after work (I am NOT a morning worker-outer).

After today's workout.

Yesterday was no different.  I was in between sets of Kettlebell swings when a man approached me and asked me a question.  I couldn't understand him due to my loud music, so I asked him to repeat himself.  He had asked me what I was doing.  What I was doing!  I told him and then he continued to ask what part of the body Kettlebell swings works.  I was so excited to tell him that it's a compound exercise and it works several different muscle groups and it's a very, very good exercise to be doing.  I was so excited that he thought I looked legitimate enough to ask about my workout!

Yesterday's workout, right after I was asked about my routine!

I was so excited I immediately texted the boyfriend to tell him that I finally look like a legitimate exerciser!  I was also really happy with myself that I had enough knowledge (thanks to my massive amount of internet stalking) to tell him what was up.  I am excited that, after two years of hard work, my body is finally deciding to start LOOKING strong, the way I want it to.  I've spent so many years beating up my body, degrading it for not looking the way I want, that I never really take time to appreciate the things it does for me.  I guess being a gym rat is finally paying off!

Another sneaky gym picture.  It was so busy yesterday!

Ran a 5k today.

In other news, for the past two nights, the boyfriend and I have been trying to teach my old dogs a new trick.

Be on the lookout for us as the newest Youtube sensations!


  1. Girl, maybe you need to become a personal trainer ;-)
    Keep rockin' it and please don't beat your body up! You are a beautiful woman! Embrace it!!!
    The hubs and I started a youtube series "The Real Housewife of a Body Builder." We only have 2 episodes so far...stuck on ideas for futures ones! :)

  2. PS~ Could you email me at runlikeag@outlook.com ??
    I want to ask you about your education/job you were at! :)

  3. Of course I can email you! Look for my email soon! And I've been thinking about becoming a personal trainer, since I love fitness so much. It's definitely going to be a huge part in my classroom when I finally get one.