Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Last Days of Vacation

Saturday I was dying for a run. I had brought my Kettlebells with me, but I found absolutely no spare time for exercise. I even got into workout clothes on Thursday and got side tracked making appetizers for 4 hours. So, after the newly weds left for their honeymoon Saturday morning, I forced the boyfriend on a short run with me. I ran at my comfortable pace for 3.1 miles which ended up being about 7:45 average. I was so excited that my comfortable pace is now sub 8. But the boyfriend had another story. He fell behind somewhere around mile 2. When I went back to find him, he was walking, so I just kept going back to the house. When I finished, I walked back to find him and he told me he had puked. On the side of the road. I guess I was just too speedy for him.

Saturday was also my older sister's birthday. She decided (more like my dad decided) that she wanted to go mini golfing before going to eat at the most delicious restaurant that exists.

We ended up going to get coffee after the rousing game of mini golf. Side note- I'm the least competitive person on the face of the earth, so my version of mini golf is swinging the club and hoping it hits the ball. I ended up getting a hole-in-one. It was pretty awesome. I might have screamed a little bit. The boyfriend and I left coffee early because I realized I hadn't taken a shower in an amount of time I will not say. The other half of our group went to do some touristy things, so the boyfriend and I ended up hanging out with my sister's adorable dog while we waited for them to return home to go to dinner.

My sister ended up going home to San Diego after the best dinner I've ever had, so the boyfriend and I went to his sister's house in Long Beach a night early. His sister and brother live together, so we got to see both of them. They are the nicest family I've ever met in my whole life. 

Sunday morning, she made us breakfast to fuel up before spending the day laying on the beach.

After awhile (like 2 hours) we decided to get up and go for a walk down the beach. I even got a bit of a barefoot run in.

When we got back to the towels. The group decided to go to froyo, which is always a good idea after 3 hours in the sun.

When we got back to the apartment, the four of us laced up our running shoes and went for a quick 4 mile run down along the beach and back. My pace was a lot faster than everyone else's, so I kept running back to them and then ahead to add to my mileage. The run was lovely.

We had delicious taco salad for dinner and played Balderdash. Then went to bed to wake up for our 12 hour drive home. It's the most boring drive ever because this is what you see for approximately 6 hours.

We also got stuck in traffic for 45 minutes, full on stopped on the highway. I also made the boyfriend go 10 minutes out of the way because I was craving Whole Foods something fierce. It was well worth it though.

It's really good to be home and back in the gym. I subbed in my old classroom today, so that was fantastic. It still feels like home.

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  1. Your vacation sounds lovely!!!
    I want to go to the beach so bad!!!!

    I hope one day I can run an average pace of 7 or so minutes! That is one of my goals...progress, progress, progress!!! :)