Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Really Awesome Compliment

Since I am working Thursdays and Fridays in a town 20 minutes south of me, I go to the sister gym to mine on those days.  As I've said before, I feel as though I've been transported into 1993 every time I step in there.  I mean look at this treadmill.  

It doesn't even have it's down magazine tray.  And I have to turn my volume up as loud as it will go so that I don't get embarrassed by the loud pounding that comes from my feet.  I run too fast to be quiet, I guess.  The gym equipment cracks me up and definitely keeps me entertained.  Also, gym bros make me laugh too.

While I was busy sneaking pictures of myself in the mirror lifting heavy weights, I got the best, nicest text message from one of my very best friends.

I don't see myself as fit.  I see myself as a person who loves working out a lot and would rather be moving her body than laying around.  This text message made me feel really good about myself that other people see me as an inspiration for getting in shape.  

The answer to her question is yes.  I take a 5 billion probiotic and a 50 billion probiotic before I eat along with fish oil and vitamin B6 to help with protein metabolism.  That's it.  I've taken so many antibiotics in my life for ear infections that my gut is really messed up and since I've started taking the probiotics I definitely have seen and felt a huge difference in my body.

After the gym, I went to my dad's house for dinner since he was away at the most awesome concert on the planet last weekend and we didn't have Sunday dinner.  I won't talk about the concert because it's so sad that I am poor and couldn't attend, but I will show you the delicious gluten free lasagna my dad made that almost makes up for him not buying me a ticket to the concert.

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend.  I am only working two days next week before heading to Long Beach for my step sister's college graduation and wedding.  I am so excited.

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  1. You are an inspiration!
    Keep doing your thing!!
    I love what working out does to our body and souls!! :)

    Have a super fun weekend!!
    PS~My half is at 8am on Saturday (east coast time!)