Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lazy Sunday

My lazy Sunday began at 6am with a kiss goodbye from the boyfriend.  I hate saying bye to him, especially after only one day with him.  That's okay, we will have a lovely 12 hours together in the car on the way down south on Wednesday.  Oh, and a very important date night on Tuesday.

I promptly rolled over and fell back asleep until 10.  When I woke up, I was rearing to go for a long run.  I put on my running clothes, scooped up some extra comfy clothes, and a bathing suit because the sun was shining and I couldn't wait to get some more vitamin D in the backyard when I was finished and drove to my dad's house.  The wind was blowing REALLY hard and my foot was hurting a bit, so I decided to run on the treadmill.

I was fully intending on doing 10 miles, but the moment I walked into the treadmill room, I knew that wasn't going to happen.  It was incredibly muggy, even with the doors and windows open, and it smelled like cleaner for some reason.  I hopped on, found Criminal Minds on TV and ran 8 miles.  It was not easy like I expected it to be.

Moe was waiting for me after the run to congratulate me on not dying running for an hour.  He's such a good cheerleader.

I promptly refueled with eggs, yogurt, and strawberries.  That set off a long day of eating about 9 lbs of fruit.  I'm a little bit obsessed with fruit.

Then I showered and immediately went outside to enjoy the sunshine (and wind) while reading my book.  It's so terrible to be able to lay around all day in the sunshine in the totally disgusting backyard at my dad's house.

Running endorphins AND vitamin D??  Can you have too many good feelings?

This is the backyard.  So hard to look at isn't it?

After I came inside because my Northcoast skin can only handle so much sun, I switched between reading my book and reading blogs.  I also got a call back from my grandma who said she's going to pay for my summer school tuition!!!  I have never been more grateful for anything in my entire life.  I have no idea how to thank her.

I also watched my dad make me dinner.  I then ate said dinner.

Step-mom's mother is in town for the graduation/wedding.

SO.  MUCH.  FRUIT.  Fruit in the salad and a fruit smoothie.

Now I am trying to convince myself to get off the couch and drive home where I can crawl into bed and lay around some more.  I've got to enjoy these really lazy days because I will soon have no free time thanks to school.

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  1. THAT IS SO AWESOME TO HEAR! Grandmother's are the best :)
    What a wonderful afternoon, I wish I could have done that :)