Saturday, May 11, 2013


I am proud to say that the past few days I have been actually going out into the real world and acting my age and not like a 90-year-old recluse.  Which is really good of me because when my yougin' is working his 72 hour shifts, it's easy for me to fall into a routine of sitting in my bed avoiding anything outside of my room.

Wednesday I still did not have my car.  Since that's now an up-in-the-air day with work, I only worked a half of a day as a teacher and then had the rest of the day to do nothing be active.  My dad picked me up and dropped me off at his house to wait to hear about my car where I proceeded to hop on the treadmill and pump out 5.5 miles.  Then I did some planks, push ups, and sit ups before stretching while watching day time television.  I made myself a delicious lunch before FINALLY getting my car and heading home to make chili for dinner.  It was nice to have an extra long afternoon.


Push ups.

Scrambled eggs, greek yogurt, strawberries, and coffee for lunch.

Chili and my normal 20 lbs of vegetables for dinner.

Thursday I started my new sub position in the town 20 minutes south of us that I was terribly nervous about because I had never been to that school before and I knew no one.  It ended up being fabulous, and I am actually going to write another post about that.  It was that good!  Then I went to the sister gym of the one in my town and felt like I stepped back into 1992.  All of the equipment at my gym is brand new and up to date.  The equipment in this gym was probably bought at 3am from an infomercial when someone couldn't get to sleep.  I had to turn up my music extra loud so I couldn't hear the elephant stampede my pounding on the treadmill.  Then I did back exercises and went home where I scarfed down some food before heading north to the college to watch my good friends dance in their dance recital.  After that, we went and hung out a bit and I got home around 10.  On a school night.  I'm just getting crazier and crazier.

Not impressed with being back in 1992.

I also got some new bling for my car.

Thursday's dinner.

Friday, the boyfriend FINALLY got off work and joined me for my 30 minute lunch break.  He brought me fresh, locally grown strawberries to eat.  There's a reason I love this boy.  After work, I spent my hour 1992 before heading to a coffee shop to meet up with a good friend for a nice chat.  The coffee shop closed on us, so we moved our talking to dinner at the local brewery.  It was really great to get to spend so much time with her and her husband.  They are amazing people and we had some good laughs.  Boyfriend and I came home where I screwed around got ready to go out.  My dad and step mom are at a concert which I don't even want to talk about because I am so jealous, so my brother threw a party there.  It's a fantastic party house, so we use every opportunity we can to invite friends over there.  

What?  You don't pack 3 pairs of shoes when you head to work in the morning?

Not sure how to use the squat rack.  It was made before I was born.

My smoked albacore, bay shrimp salad.

The boys got tired of waiting for me to get ready.

I really was getting ready.  It just took awhile. 

After we hung out there for a bit, boyfriend and I head up north again to watch our good friend perform.  He writes his own raps and is actually really good, so we went and danced while he played for us.  Then we went to another bar to continue our dancing.  I got a good 3 hours of dancing in again.  It's no secret that dancing is one of my favorite things to do, even though I am notoriously bad at it.  We finally rolled into bed around 3am where I promptly fell right to sleep because grandma is usually asleep by 10.

Our performer.

This morning I woke up around 10 and quickly got dressed and made coffee.  My friend was graduating at 11, so I rushed over and met her family and a couple of other friends to watch the ceremony.  We made faces at her  listened intently to the speeches and cheered the loudest out of everyone there.  Then I had to rush back up north to the park.  I will be stage managing a show for Plays in the Park this summer, which I am pretty excited about.  It will be an outdoor theater right in the heart of the Redwoods.  The director is a fantastic friend and the cast consists of exactly 3 people, two of which I am really good friends with, so it will be a fun summer.  Plus, it was 70 degrees at the park today, so I got to soak up the sun during our meeting.  Can't complain about a meeting like that.  Then I zoomed back to my town where I picked up mother's day gifts and headed to her graduation party.  I ate a lot of really delicious food, which is really the best thing about graduations.  That and I guess the degrees are pretty good too.  When I got home I sat around for 45 minutes debating whether or not I was too tired to exercise.  I wasn't.

Making faces.

Burpees.  Ugh.

Boyfriend is working, AGAIN, but only until the stock car races are over.  I fully intend on being asleep when he gets home.  Tomorrow is Mother's Day and my mom and I are doing a race together, so I must be fully rested.

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  1. I wished we lived near each other so I could join you in your awesome work outs :)