Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Date at the River

Sometimes, you've just got to ignore real life.  This morning I decided I needed to let my body rest.  I have been going really hard for a long time now and I'm incredibly sore from yesterday's leg workout.  I got to the gym yesterday and really, really didn't want to be there.

Sat on this bench for approximately 14 minutes before putting my shoes on.

The boyfriend finally got off work yesterday, so I ran home to meet up with him before heading to his mom's house where we went to a fundraiser for dinner and then laid on the couch watching The Hobbit and giving each other foot massages.  Oh, and teaching his grandma how to use her iPad.

So this morning, when I waddled out of bed because my back was screaming at me and my legs felt like lead, I decided to skip working out and get right into making breakfast.  During this time I noticed a letter on the table addressed to me.  I opened it, and what do you know?  I've been accepted into the summer school program for the moderate/severe credential program that most people have to take the summer AFTER they complete their mild/moderate.  I saw the price tag and almost had a heart attack which resulted in calling my dad and having an almost hour long chat about funds.  Being poor is awesome.  During this mild panic attack, the boyfriend made the most amazing looking breakfast.  Meanwhile, I had my usual smoothie.  I was in a terrible mood.

Needless to say, when I was done eating my usual protein smoothie and a hardboiled egg and I still felt incredibly grouchy, I begged the boyfriend to go hunt down some sun.  And we did just that.  We ended up an hour south at the river and that is exactly what I needed.

Moe Moe loves the river.

I took a lovely nap in the sun before getting warm enough to brave the water.

The water was actually perfect, which is sad for this time of year.  We had an incredibly dry winter which means this may very well be a drought year for us Californians.  But it means that I got to swim in the river in the middle of May, which is amazing.  I also got a low impact workout in my swimming down river and then back up a couple of times.  Also, we had to trek from the car to the river, so that counts too.  Most of the time, the best workouts are those done outside in nature.

Boyfriend had the BEST idea to stop and pick up sushi for dinner and I ended up with salmon and a California roll.  It was absolutely delicious.

The rest of the evening will be spent taking a quick walk around the neighborhood and then cuddling with boyfriend because he has to go back to work in the morning.  Luckily, he gets off on Tuesday, which happens to be our 1 year anniversary, and then we will head to Long Beach for the weekend.  So, so exciting!


  1. I hate the price tag associated with school, but it is so worth it!! I wish you the best in your decision!!
    I love that were able to swim in May. I think the rivers/lakes are still too cold! I don't think they really warm up until July, unless it is unbelievable hot here in June!!
    Happy 1 year anniversary!!!! Enjoy!!

  2. I think I should have gone to the river with you.

  3. Heather!! I am waiting desperately for your race recap!

    Mother, you should have come. We invited you!