Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Restful Tuesday

This morning started early.  My internal clock will not allow me to sleep in past 8.  I had made plans to meet my bestie at the gym again at 9 anyway, so I got out of bed and into gym clothes to get there a little early to focus on running.  Well, I got 4 miles in UNDER 30 minutes.  That has been my goal for awhile now and I finally obtained it.  The last .10 of a mile was a full on sprint, but I made it none-the-less.

She was doing a pilates class upstairs, so she joined me in weight lifting when the class was over.  We did a chest/tricep workout.

While re-racking weights between sets, we were in full on girl gossip when we both stopped mid-sentence.  A man was on the elliptical cross-trainer type thing doing full on acrobatics.  His eyes were shut and his leg was in the air.  It was almost as if he was doing yoga on the cross trainer.  It was the absolute best part of my day.  I only wish to be as awesome as that man is when I am old.  I saw him after his cardio sesh doing stretches. 

If only I could be that blissfully happy while exercising!  He made my entire day.  And yes, I am the creepy person in the gym taking pictures of strangers.  But only the cool strangers.  After the gym I had to go to the dentist.  I definitely went completely drenched in sweat and stunk up the place.  I am sure the hygienests were all talking about me and my bathing habits.  

The rest of the day was completely uneventful.  I did clean my entire room, wash my bedding, and have a pretty awesome snack.

The best friends and I went to dinner and I got the most amazing salad.

I spent a lot of today just laying around.  I even tried to take a nap.  I feel as though I may be fighting something off (all of the children were sick the last week of school) so I tried to just give in.  It's really hard for me to sit around and do nothing but I realized I have got to soak it up because in less than 2 weeks I will have homework again!  

Since my post was terribly boring today, I leave you with a video of the boyfriend and I doing our favorite form of cardio on New Year's Eve.  Please keep in mind we were both completely sober.


  1. Girl, you inspire me! I love that you did 4 miles in under 30 min! That is so awesome!!!!!!

    PS~Love the dance moves :)

  2. Thank you! We obviously have taken so many lessons. My favorite part is the head spin. It's one of our signature moves. ;-)