Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend went by so fast, it's almost like it didn't happen.  I think that is how I am going to feel when my two weeks off are up and I start my whirlwind work/student teaching/school month of July.

After our workout Saturday, we rushed off to the town just north of us to attend the Oyster Fest.  This is an event that happens every year on the plaza the Saturday before Father's Day.  It is exactly what it sounds like; a festival full of oysters.  Local food vendors set up shop and make fancy oysters for us to eat while bands play on the plaza.  There's even a contest for who has the best oyster call.  It's a really fun event, although most people my age use it as an excuse to day drink.  Since I am a straight edge don't drink very often, I wandered around and people watched.  Oh, and ate a few oysters.

The boyfriend was very pleased to find oysters topped with bacon.  He also ate his weight in oyster shooters.  I can only stomach about 2 before I feel kind of sick because of the booger-like texture.

I spent most of the afternoon wandering around with these amazing people.  They are some of my most favorite people on the planet.  We were acting like superheros.

When we got home, the boyfriend and I changed to go on our very belated (read: almost one month late) anniversary date.

The boyfriend had made reservations for us at our local Teppenyaki place where they cook the food right in front of you.  We chose the "VIP for two," which was the best life decision we have ever made.  We had chicken, scallops, shrimp, filet mignon, lobster, miso soup, salad, cooked veggies, and rice.  I was in food heaven.  We left the place about 26 pounds heavier and a bazillion times happier.

Look at that cheesy deliciousness!

The night ended with a trip to the movies.  Sunday morning, I woke up and immediately headed over to my dad's since it was Father's Day.  I hopped on the treadmill, turned on Grease, and finished 9 miles.  Running is so much easier when your favorite movie is on TV and you are singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite parts.

Then I came inside and made myself a nice breakfast.

Oh, and of course I planked for a few minutes.

For Father's Day, the boyfriend, brother, and I all pitched in to get my dad a brand new ping pong table.  My brother is the reigning champion and the games are always very heated in our house.  The old table bowed in the middle and was generally falling apart.  The new table only took 5 people to put it together, 4 of which are college educated, and one of those is an engineer.  The high schooler really just sat and played with the packaging.  Wouldn't expect less.

While this was happening, I was being so helpful and washing cars.

I actually made most of the dinner this week since it was Father's Day.

Of course the night ended with a very heated round of ping pong, which my father lost, as usual.  He blamed his tweaked knee.  I don't know what his excuse is every other night of the week when he loses.

This morning I was up and out of the house by 8:30.  I had told my best friend I would meet her at the gym at 9.  I am really enjoying getting my workouts done earlier rather than later.  I ran 4 easy miles and then I taught her my back routine.

Last night, right before I fell asleep, I got the most amazing text from a favorite friend who has been living in Brooklyn and just graduated with her MFA from New School of Drama.  She was in town for just today and wanted to hang out.  Of course I said yes.  I met this friend through theater when I started  becoming active in community theater again after my horrible break up.  We became instant friends and spent every waking (and sleeping) minute together.  So much time together that some people who didn't know us very well questioned if we were an item.  Since we obviously were not, this turned into a huge joke, eventually leading to us being in a domestic partnership on Facebook.  My mother has visited her several times in New York and she calls my mom her mother-in-law.  My mom calls her her favorite daughter.  She is one of the kindest, most fantastic souls I know.  Even though we hardly get to see each other, when we are together, it's like no time has passed.

We spent the entire day together.  It is sad that she is only here for the day, but I feel honored that she chose me to spend it with.

When I got home, the boyfriend made me bacon wrapped steak and I made brussels sprouts and salad.  I didn't want the meal to end, it was so delicious.

Tomorrow, my day begins at the gym again and then who knows.  I love having completely open days.  Boyfriend heads to work for 72 hours, so I will probably catch up on TV shows he doesn't like and spend far too much time reading blogs.

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  1. This weekend did seem to fly by. I worked all weekend on top of helping my bestie move and going to a concert with my sister and MIL.

    I hope you had a great anniversary date! You two are so cute together :)

    PS~You will have to let me know about how your classes go!