Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Didn't Run Today

For the first time in what seems like forever, I actually listened to my body and did not run.  My knee has been acting up and hurting a bit, so I decided to consciously not run.  It was HARD.  My morning did start off with a couple of exercise videos.  I did a 40 minute Kettlebell video followed by a 35 minute HIIT video.  I started an ab video, but decided that was a stupid idea and did a plank instead.

Yes, I was doing HIIT high knees.  No, I was not naked.  Burpees followed.  And burpees make me angry.

Told you I wasn't naked.

After I ate, I dawdled around trying really hard to not throw on my running shoes and just go for a "short, quick run."  So, I got into my car and drove myself to Target.  Retail therapy.  

I bought myself a new bra because my old favorite one was stolen.  I also realized that, since I haven't been in school for two years, I should probably get myself some school supplies.  I bought myself a day planner since I have to write everything down (not type it) or else I forget.  

Milo was staring at me from the moment I got home and following me around like, well, a puppy dog.  So, laced up my shoes and I did not put on a sports bra so that I wouldn't be tempted to just "run a little bit" and took him for a 2 mile walk around the 'hood.

Then I promptly laid on the couch and iced the knee while watching Castle, my newest TV show obsession.

The theme of this blog is, "Rachel is slightly obsessed with the color pink."

The only time I got off the couch was to eat dinner.  Garlic shrimp and salad.  So fresh and delicious.

Tomorrow is another long day of doing absolutely nothing.  I will be running, however, because not running makes me a little crazy.


  1. I love buying new notebooks and pens/pencils! Must be the teacher in me! :)

    Hopefully nobody steals this bra! :)

  2. I use to be REALLY bad at taking rest days and listening to my body- but it cost me! I now trying to tune in a little more so I prevent injury!
    p.s. Target is the best way to spend a day without running.

  3. I figured, why not make two good life decisions in one day? Listening to my body and going to Target. I am trying to become better about listening to my body, it's just so hard when I can't sit still.

    And I really do enjoy buying new notebooks. Nothing like the smell of the first day of school. I really am an educator.