Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How To Slow Yourself Down For An Easy Recovery Run

I've read on every single running blog I read somewhere that today is National Running Day, so happy Running Day runners!  I am in a very happy on-again moment in my relationship with running, so I obviously could just NOT celebrate!

On Monday, a beautiful thing happened.

That's right, I convinced the boyfriend to come to the gym with me.  We did deadlifts (where I PR'd and lifted 195!  I'm so close to 200.  I tried 205, got it off the ground, but couldn't get it up all the way), squats (failed miserably after the deadlifts), and then back.

Tuesday, I ran 3.2 miles, pumped out my chest/tricep workout and then made beef stirfry with absolutely no recipe.  Totally made it up, and it came out great.  It's amazing what happens when I actually try.

Oh, and this guy finally came home after what seems like 25 years.

Since today is National Running Day, I knew I couldn't spend it not running.  I worked in my old classroom today, which has become almost a weekly Wednesday thing.  There's only one more Wednesday until the end of the school year, so I wonder if I will get to be in there again.  I feel so at peace in that classroom.   Those are my people and my kids.  I feel so possessive.  

Anyway, I came home instead of to the gym for a change.  I have an entire home gym that hasn't been used in awhile simply because the gym has a couple of pieces of equipment that I don't have (machines mostly).  But I wanted to do some kind of HIIT workout since I haven't been focusing much on sprints lately.  I found this workout which was awesome.  I ended up doing the entire thing.

Then I did what I had been waiting to do all day.  Went for a run.

How to slow down your pace, decrease your distance, and make sure you get as frustrated as possible while running.  Step 1:

Decide to take your lazy beagle running with you.  Step 2: Drag him for a mile and a half before he stops all together and refuses to go another inch.  Step 3: Drag him for another half of a mile home to drop him off so that you can then finish your run.  Step 4: Get going at a really good pace for .2 miles and receive an important phone call.  Step 5: Decide that the universe does not want you to run on National Running Day and go home.  Then make sure you give your lazy dog lots of love.

I finished my workout with this:

Now my shoulders are killing me.  I refueled with about 80 pounds of fruit, delicious lemon chicken, roasted broccoli, and salad.

It was a fabulous holiday.

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  1. When I come to Cali next year, we are lifting weights and running together!!! No ifs, ands, or buts about it! :)