Sunday, October 6, 2013

My One Day Weekend

Now that Saturday school has begun, I get a one day weekend. Okay, so technically school gets out at 1pm, so I have a one and a half day weekend. I immediately took Milo for a walk when I got home.

I worked out and then successfully avoided homework by going out to art's Live with my sister and her aunts and cousin who were in town. I was in bed by 10 and asleep by 10:30. It was a WILD night for grandma! This morning I slept until 9 without waking up once. This meant I was ready to jump out of bed for my long run.

I wasn't really feeling it by mile 2, but I got a text from my soulmate telling me that her husband had just run his first half in 1:48! I knew I had to keep going. I did my usual sit-on-the-floor-and-pretend-to-stretch routine.

I finally peeled myself off the ground and headed to my dad's house where brunch was waiting for me. My step-mom's family was in town, so we made them breakfast before they had to catch a plane. It was absolutely delicious.

The stuff dumped sprinkled on top of everything is called Slug Slime and I'm pretty sure it's made in heaven. This was the aftermath.

For some reason summer has come back to visit. I walked outside and almost passed out from heat exhaustion. This is what my thermometer said.

It was definitely a record breaker here on the Northcoast. Those temperatures only meant one thing. Studying outside. I had a study buddy with me too.

It was way too hot to sit outside for more than 45 minutes. Milo was just too hot but wanted to be with me.

After three hours of homework (to make up for the lack of anything productive yesterday), my dad came and picked up my brother and me and took us to sushi. Sushi is probably my favorite food in the entire world, and I haven't had it in months. It was the best thing ever.

Now I am trying to convince myself to do some more homework, but knitting sounds much better. 


  1. In this heat, I can hardly lay out for more than 30 minutes. I can't wait for real fall!

    You are a hero for teaching Saturday school. Seriously. A one day weekend would kill me.

  2. I wish I was wearing a bathing suit :) Plus, you are totally rockin' it lady!!!
    It was crazy here today, we had Tornado watches/warnings!

  3. Aw, good ol' Harry Wong. I remember him. :) Why do you have Saturday school?!