Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Accidental Miles and a New Family Member

After our 80 degree day on Sunday, I woke up to 41 degrees and windy. Really, really windy. I was even wearing 3 layers at work. That being said, I was being a baby and decided that I would skip running in the 30mph freezing winds and stick to my dad's treadmill. I had a terrible night's sleep the night before resulting in about 4.5 hours of sleep so I thought my run would be terrible and said I only had to run 2 miles.

Well, I actually felt great and ended up doing a 5 mile progression run of sorts. I couldn't believe I actually ran 5 miles instead of 2 because my legs felt so great and the time flew by. I even stretched afterward. 

Then I returned to my home gym and pumped some iron. It was a good workout day. I love those. Boyfriend returned from his weekend away shortly after I was done and took me on a date to Phò. I got stir fry to refuel.

Speaking of boyfriend, he's been on a puppy kick. A few weeks ago he suddenly decided he needed a puppy. And then some of his family friends happened to have Border Collie puppies. Boyfriend visited them and fell in love with one of them. And brought one home last night.

As you know, I'm obsessed with dogs, but I'm a bit against this puppy. I may have to get a job out of the area and having three dogs is just not condusive to getting a rental. But the dog is so adorable I can't resist him.

No worries, though, Milo will forever be my favorite dog on the planet. Even more so than Moe. Wait. Am I supposed to say that?

This morning's run was a little harder, but runs are always harder at 5am, I think. I love the morning crowd at the gym. Everyone is so dedicated. There is this group of me. Who lift together at the same time I am lifting and they seem to be multiplying by the week. They all stand around and take turns watching each other lift. There are now 4 of them, but I bet by the time my 12 week student teaching placement is up and I no longer need to be at the gym that early, there will be even more.

My favorite part of Tuesdays and Thursdays is the drive home. Because it's gorgeous, but mostly because I know there is delicious food waiting for me at home.

Tomorrow, boyfriend has to return to work again and puppy has to go to his grandma's house because that's the deal I made with him. I can't believe it's already the middle of the week.


  1. I have been slacking with my running....it is horrible.
    But I am going running today!!!! I NEED TO :)

    Cute puppy!

  2. Are you trying to kill me slowly with the adorable pup pictures? I want/need/want!

  3. I love the focus and feeling of accomplishment a progression run gives me...negative splits every time!

    Your hair looks so great in those pics!